How to improve an essay

Do not “pour water”

Pompous words and vague wording do not make sense if they are not followed by a description of specific situations and results. Use some smartwriting tips it will help you to make your essay much better. For example, instead of writing “Career has always been important to me,” you need to describe your experience in such a way that the employer makes this conclusion himself: “I dreamed of a journalism career that I began to distribute newspapers from 10 years old, and from 14 to write articles in children's commercial publications."

Reread aloud.

When a person writes a text and reads it to himself, he may skip typos and not notice that the sentence is inconsistent, overloaded, and the word order is violated in it. However, when reading aloud, the language “stumbles” about errors, and they immediately become visible.

Re-read after a while or ask a friend.

Often the meaning of some sentences escapes or is distorted due to unsuccessful formulations, but the author cannot notice this on his own. It is necessary to postpone a text or passage for a short while and return to it after a while with a clear head. You can ask a friend to check - a view from the outside will help to detect and eliminate inaccuracies that are not obvious to the author.

Ask if it is not clear.

Some candidates think that if they do not understand something in the assignment and ask the future boss a question, he will consider them incongruous or incompetent. This is a big mistake. “If you have any problem, it’s better to ask. This shows that the candidate thinks ahead until he has gone too far in fulfilling the task, that he will save time, money and effort in the working situation, ”comments Diana Samuels, career coach, and professional image.

Focus on the company mission.

If the mission and values ​​of the company respond in the soul of the candidate, it is a sin not to use it in an essay. We can give examples from life that helped the candidate to form a similar philosophy.

Use introductory words.

Introductory words help organize text structure and logical transitions. This makes life easier not only for the author but also for the reader.

Write a trial essay.

You can take any of the possible topics or come up with your own, and write a trial work. This will allow you to work out the structure of the essay, statement of the thesis, building arguments and time management. You can identify weaknesses in grammar and punctuation that you should pay attention to during a real test.

It’s easier to take.

An essay is a responsible task, but you need to approach writing it without fanaticism: “Do not bother, do not be wise, do not write too much. Just answer the question in plain language so that those of us who are not familiar with your world can understand you, ” they recommend at Harvard Business School.

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