Video Advertising- The Perfect Way to Reach the Potential Customers

Unsurprisingly, Youtube is the biggest platform for video advertising in 2020. It is the second most visited online platform after Google with 1.9 billion monthly users and 576,000 hours of videos uploaded everyday.
 Therefore, these figures are enough to prove the unmatchable worth of Youtube in video advertising for marketing purposes. Youtube has a great reach to a massive audience and therefore it becomes the perfect platform for advertising. Using this amazing online platform, you can easily reach your potential customers and achieve your targeted conversion ratio.

Types of Video Ads on Youtube
 How to get ads on your youtube videos Predominantly, there are three types of video ads on youtube which are made for different purposes and have different functionalities and features. If you want to run your ads on youtube videos, you get three options for selecting. You can choose a category out of three that you prefer more as per your business and services’ nature and purposes. All types of youtube ads are very effective for the growth of your business and organization. Let’s get into those categories of video advertising on Youtube.

  • TrueView Youtube Ads

TrueView Ads are a very effective way of youtube advertising. These are skippable and cost-effective ads, best for those who do not want to spend additional money on uninterested audiences. Usually, they are a little longer ads which pop up a skip button after running on a video after a few seconds. It can be 10-30 seconds.
These are versatile and low-risk video ads as in this advertisement, you do not need to invest in uninterested audiences. You just need to pay if your advertisement is played for 30 or more seconds. Also, if any action is taken (click) on your advertisement then you need to pay for that.

  • Non-Skippable Youtube Ads

Non-skippable ads are short and effective. If you choose non-skippable youtube ads then you must have to create an ad that can give your message within 20 seconds. These ads are sometimes annoying for the audience but if your ad is great then you can manage to keep the interest of the audience.
There are two types of non-skippable ads. The first one is Pre-Roll ads and another one is Mid-Roll ads. Pre-roll ads appear at the beginning of a youtube video while mid-roll ads appear at the mid of a video.

  • Bumper Youtube Ads

Bumper ads are shorter than non-skippable and trueview ads. These ads are usually very effective to target mobile users. If you want to run these advertisements then you must be creative to give your audience a strong message within 5-7 seconds. You can highlight your brand name and product/service to make bumper ads more effective and result-oriented.
These are a few categories of video advertising on youtube. You can choose one of them or choose all three categories to promote your brand on the worlds’ second-largest online platform.

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