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Visitors going to Vietnam must show a valid Vietnam visa before being allowed into the country. Here is a guide to where and how to get your Vietnam visa.


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TripAdvisor, a famous travel website, has announced 10 most preferred destinations in the world. According to TripAdvisor, Hanoi is ranked the sixth in 10 most preferred destinations including Istanbul, Turkey, Rome in Italy, London in England, Beijing in China, Prague in Czech, Marrakech in Marocco, Paris in France, Siem Reap in Campuchia and Shanghai of China.Hanoi listed in 10 most preferred destinations in the worldTemple of Literature (Van Mieu-Quoc Tu Giam)

The list of 10 most preferred destinations based on the number of visitors voting for destination in 12 months.

Hung King Temple Festival or the death anniversary of Hung Kings is an important and significant in Vietnam. This is the traditional festival of Kinh people to commemorate Hung Kings who built the nation. The festival is held every year on 10th March lunar calendar at Hung Temple, Viet Tri City, Phu Tho Province.Hung King TempleHung King Temple Relic Complex is located at the foot of to the top of Nghia Linh Mount with 175 meter in height, in Hy Cuong commune, Viet Tri City, Phu Tho province. Hung King Temple Relic Complex is situated in the territory of Phong Chau – the capital of ancient Van Lang country.Hung King Temple Festival

In 1962, Hung King Temple Relic Complex was ranked as a special relic of the country. 8th February, 1994, the Prime Minister approved firstly Hung Temple overall project, set the stage for the construction of many works in relic complex.Hung King Temple Relic Complex has some main relics including “Đền Hạ” (lower temple), “Đền Thượng” (upper temple), “Đền Trung (middle temple), Hung King mausoleum, “Đền Giếng” (Well temple), Au Co Temple…Hung King Temple Festival

Vietnamese folklore a verse bout Hung King Temple Festival:“Dù ai đi ngược về xuôiNhớ ngày giỗ tổ mùng mười tháng ba”.It means that no matter you go anywhere, live anywhere or working anywhere; you must have to remember 10th March lunar calendar (the Hung King Temple festival).Hung King Temple Festival is an important national festival in Vietnam to remember and express gratitude for Hung Kings who were the first King of nation and built the nation.

There are two main parts in Hung King Temple festival: ceremony and festival.Hung King Temple Festival in Phu Tho

There are two ceremonies celebrated together at the main time of festival: palanquin procession ceremony and offering incense ceremony. In palanquin procession ceremony, the procession with many colors of flags, parasols, flowers and traditional costumes start from the foot of mountain and then turn over to Upper Temple where offering incense ceremony held. Image of the procession is like a dragon curving on stone steps and under the shadow of the tree canopy. Pilgrims come to Hung King Temple festival because of demand for spiritual life. So, in offering incense ceremony, all people offer incenses to worship Hung Kings. In the Vietnamese soul, land, trees, tree roots are all very sacred so they also offer incense on land or tree roots.

In the festival part, there are many traditional unique games happen such as “Xoan singing” (a special folk music of Phu Tho people), wrestling, tug competition, swimming at Bach Hac River where Hung Kings trained troops.Hung King Temple Festival is a beautiful custom of Vietnamese people and Hung King land (Phu Tho) has become “a sacred sanctuary” of the country for a long time where is origin of nation. The festival praises prosperity of lineage, is a symbol of community spirit.

Hung King Temple Festival is one of the most popular and important Vietnam Holidays

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