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In short, the notion of majas is a style of language which means connotation or figurative, or has an imaginative nature and does not convey the true meaning. This work is often used in writing literary works with the aim of encouraging the reader to feel certain emotions from the work.

This majas itself is still included in the semantic level or branch of linguistics which focuses on studying the meaning of a language, code or other types of representations.

In addition to the definition of majas above, there are also some experts who also shared their opinions on the meaning of majas. The following will be conveyed regarding this matter, as well as its functions and kinds.

Understanding Majas According to Experts

Following is the understanding of the majors according to experts consisting of Luxembourg, Prof. Dr. H. G. Tarigan, Nurgiyantoro, Aminuddin and Laksmi Wijaya.

1. Luxembourg

According to Luxemburg et al, what is called majas is something that will give certain characteristics to a text. As for the text itself, at a certain turn it can stand alone like an individual who is so different from other individuals.

2. Prof. Dr. H. G. Tarigan

According to Prof. Dr. H. G. Tarigan, the meaning of majas is a way to express thoughts through language in a way that shows the author's personality and personality.

3. Aminuddin

According to Aminuddin, majas is a style of language and the way used by the author to describe his ideas in accordance with the objectives and effects to be achieved.

4. Nurgiyantoro

Nurgiyantoro argues that majas is a technique of language expression whose meaning does not directly refer to the literal meaning, but rather to the meaning that is implied.

5. Laksmi Wijaya

While Laksmi Wijaya considers that majas is a style of language either in oral or written form that is used in an essay with the aim of representing what is felt and thought by the author.

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