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The need for social media messaging is increasingly increasing. One example of the messaging application is Whatsapp. Apart from that the needs of the features of the users are also increasing. Finally, some Whatsapp developers continue to innovate to provide additional features for users so that the GBWhatsapp application appears.

Perhaps many of the device users are not familiar with the term. It is a development messaging application from the official Whatsapp application or also called Whatsapp Mod. There are various additional features that are interesting and can be tried for lovers of the Whatsapp messaging application.

What is Download GB Whatsapp Apk Whatsapp Mod version?

GBWhatsapp is a type of android messaging application that has been modified by another party or also called Whatsapp Mod. So that its presence is not an official messaging application from the Whatsapp developer.

Because the development of this application is done by a third party and every update is also not available on the Android application center or Play Store. Although it is not an original product from Whatsapp, the GBWhatsapp application works exactly the same as the official application. The difference is in the various additional features that are not provided by Whatsapp.

Various features are even the reason many people decide to switch to using this modification application. There are special features that are not officially provided by the Whatsapp developer.

The step was taken to be able to maintain the personal privacy of users and several other things that are also considered. Though the official party could have released an application with features that really spoil the users.

But because of these considerations, the features are not provided. The solution to all of that is to utilize a third-party development application, WhatsApp, which has been modified. In addition there are also several types of GB Whatsapp applications that can be selected according to the tastes of the users.

Several Types of Latest GBWhatsapp Applications

Official GBWhatsapp

One of the most popular Whatsapp Mod applications is GBWhatsapp which can be downloaded at the following link below this article. For this type, Whatsapp mods the best and most popular among Whatsapp Mod lovers.

There is one feature that is very steps at all to get, login two Whatsapp accounts in one device. This advantage is very well suited for users who want to have two Whatsapp accounts for business and personal use.

In addition to being able to enjoy all the features of the modified Whatsapp users don't need to do a rooting device. Because GBWhatsapp Apk Official does not need root permission from the device to run the operation. Because some Whatsapp application modifications require the user to rooting the device first.

For display problems, this one application is also very interesting. Users as users can adjust the theme according to taste. In addition there are also some other important features such as hiding messages.

This feature is useful if there are secret messages that not everyone must know. Another plus is that users can also save friends' stories without the intermediaries of third-party applications. Names for the Whatsapp group can also be changed up to 35 characters.

Some additional emojis also exist in GBWhatsapp on this one so it is more complete than the official application.

Unofficial GBWhatsapp

Then the next type of application from GBMODs is Unofficial GBWhatsapp. The difference between Official and Unofficial is the party that developed this messaging application. For the unofficial developer the party is outside of GBMODs, so it is given an unofficial name.

The developer of this type of GBWhatsapp application is Fouad MOD. There is something more interesting for the unofficial application, which is that the developer of Fouad MOD is one of the best Whatsapp modification application developers to date.

There are some additional features provided in the Unofficial GBWhatsapp such as emojis. So that makes this one application quite interesting to try. Here is the download link at the end of the GBWA version of the article below

GBWhatsapp Mini

The next type of application is GBWhatsapp Mini. Again this modification application is a development from previous applications. There are several advantages that will certainly always be embedded into applications that have been developed.

For the advantages of this Mini GBWhatsapp is a very lightweight device RAM requirement. This application will only take part of RAM with a very small amount. So for devices that the old edition can take advantage of all the features available in this modification application.

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