Non-Sticky Flavours

 Established in 2011, Tuah Herbal, trading as Tuah Trading Pty Ltd, is South East Asia`s leading supplier of alternative tobacco Hookah Australia. Aside from our domestic Australian market, our strongest export markets are East Asia and Europe. Based in Melbourne, Australia.  

There is no doubt that Tuah Herbal has THE BEST herbal flavours on the market, however, we don’t want to stand on our laurels. We are constantly looking for ways to improve our service, our distribution, our Locations, and our products.

We have expanded our business so that you can find a Tuah Herbal location near you. Whether you are in Melbourne, Queensland, Perth, or South Australia, we are here to provide you with THE BEST service, THE BEST Herbal Flavours, at THE BEST value for money Shisha in Australia.

We recently started Shisha Near Me, a concept which enables our customers to have their Shisha experience delivered to them, through our Flagship Shisha Melbourne location, as well as in South Australia, Shisha Brisbane & Gold Coast.

Shisha Near Me has enabled our customers to experience the delicious Herbal Flavour of Tuah Herbal, the only non-nicotine Organic Tobacco in Australia made from Cornhusk.

And our Organic Tobacco Australia brand is now a leader in Herbal Exporting of our unique Cornhusk based, 100% natural Shisha, overseas. But as we said at the beginning of this post; we refuse to stand on our laurels – always looking for ways to improve the Shisha experience.

 Whether you are planning a private serine meditative escape, or a party – physical or virtual; Tuah Herbal is the answer. With THE BEST flavours in Australia and THE BEST service, we can give you a positive experience to remember. 

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