Types of School Bus Accidents

 According to some best Denver school bus collision lawyers, there are approximately 137 people each year who met their unfortunate endings in bus-related accidents, while the number of injuries is a hundred more. For the best injury attorneys in Denver, every child has the right to feel safe on one of the most frequent vehicles they’re always riding, the school bus. However, children aren’t the only ones getting affected by these accidents. Despite the 2000-2010 reports from an accident lawyer in Denver co that 7% of the total road accidents were from buses, here are the usual types of bus accidents that cause fatalities, injuries, and destruction to public and private properties.

1. School bus accidents involving motorists

Especially during rush hours, most of the motorists are pressured in reaching their destinations on time. Because of this pressure and the stress brought by the traffic and other discomforts on the road, being impatient and lack of focus happen. In these situations, collisions involving school buses and other vehicles occur. These accidents range from rear-ended buses to head-on collisions, and both of these can result in serious injuries, and worse, death. Victims often suffer injuries like bone fractures, whiplash, and broken bones.

2. School bus accidents involving pedestrians

Accidents like a person being hit by the school bus while walking or a child who is hit immediately after getting down from the bus are some of the pedestrian-involved misfortunes that usually happens every day on the streets. Unfortunately, school bus accidents involving pedestrians are the highest number of fatalities every year. Most of these accidents happen because of negligence and carelessness on the part of drivers and sometimes, even pedestrians.

3. School bus accidents because of poorly maintained buses. One of the reasons why vehicle owners check their cars regularly is not just for the longevity of their vehicles. More importantly, it is for the sake of safety not just for the rider but for the other people as well. Unluckily, this maintenance checking is often neglected because of a limited budget, especially for public vehicles like the school buses. And this inattention is one of the leading causes of school buses and even other road accidents worldwide. Most of these accidents cause massive effects like fatal injuries that produce a lifetime effect for the victim like amputations and even death. This carelessness can cause massive unfortunate events that change the lives of not only the person driving a poorly-maintained bus but also the families of the victims.

How an Injury Lawyer can Help?

A personal injury lawyer can contribute a lot to the poor victims to get the claim that can somehow help them to start their lives after the tragedy. These funds that they can claim can be in the form of medical treatments and hospital bills, making up for the lost compensation, and reparation for the caused damages. With their specialized knowledge in tort law, it’s always a personal injury lawyer’s goal to make their client “whole again” and also to discourage others in committing the said incident and offense. 

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