Got Some New Mobile Phones

 While spending days in isolation i got an idea to have look in mobile phone sector and lets check what is going on there!

Motorola Edge+ 

The date of issuance isn't reported at this point as the vast majority of its specs are as yet obscure to us; however, all things considered, this smartphone will contend with Samsung s20 arrangement. Discussing its specs, the smartphone concocts.

An amazing LED-lit Motorola logo that was structured in such a manner as a pointer for the inevitable warnings. The phone has an irregular battery life which is enormous as of 5170mAh. Another strange spec of this is that it would be the first Motorola mobile phone to accompany a 5G gadget. you can check Motorola Moto Edge Plus price in Pakistan or globally too

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 

 The most valuable thing about this portable is its pen which can change over any works into decipherable writings. This portable is the innovative perspective on the twenty-first century as one doesn't have to open any application so as to make any sort of note simply draw anything on the screen at whatever point a thought comes into a psyche. The galaxy note 20 is coherently matched with a closely resembling pen which empowers you to control your gadget by movements, snaps and motions as zooming in and a camera, changing the present pace of volume and numerous different things you can do.  However Galxy Note 10 price in Pakistan is bit different from Samsung Galaxy note 10 5g obviously due to introduction of 5g network

Apple iPhone 11 Pro  

Apple iPhone 11 Pro is something different then a simple phone. The iPhone is worked in with three beautiful cameras which catch every detail of the scene. The subtleties are so unadulterated and clear while zooming them in that it doesn't lose its quality. The iPhone has a sensational 4x optical zoom extend, which makes the subject sound and star. The full camera can take the edge from 120-degree which makes the ihpone generally appropriate for traditional photography even in the diminished light of the moon during the night. Iphone 11 pro price in Pakistan is really high.

Google Pixel 4 XL 

Google has made another achievement by working up the primary line with mind-blowing highlights as the most bewildering eventual fate of this astrophotography, which implies the phone can take us in the Milky Way with only one tap. The camera, which is 12.2 MP + 16 MP, empowers us to See over the space. Google has made up an excellent phone in exemplary hues, including Colors: Just Black, Clearly White, Oh So Orange.   

At The End

hopefully you would love these phones after reading the review.

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