Software Testing Training in Chennai

TIC Academy offers Best Software Testing Training in Chennai by MNC Experts. Software testing is an end-to-end analysis conducted to validate the feature of the product which is under test. Software testing can also offer an idea, free analysis about software to permit business and to know the hazards of software implementation. Test techniques include the process of executing a program or application with the intent of finding any errors or defects in the software.

Manual testing:
Manual testing is a type of software testing which do not use any tool or scripts. This testing is created manually by the tester who takes the entire role of testing the Software, to make out any unpredictable performance or error. Manual testing consists of various phases which includes unit testing, Integration testing, System testing and User Acceptance testing.
The testers will finally analyze the test plan, test cases or test scripts completely before executing a product. Manual testing also contains an exploratory testing in which the testers can explore the software to fix any errors or bugs in it.

Software Testing Training in Chennai Course Syllabus

πŸ“š Manual Testing Training

πŸ“š QTP Training

πŸ“š Software Testing Training

πŸ“š LoadRunner Training

πŸ“š Mobile Application Testing Training

πŸ“š QC Training

πŸ“š Test Complete Training

πŸ“š JMeter Training

πŸ“š Ruby Cucumber Training

πŸ“š SoapUI Training

πŸ“š Selenium Training

πŸ“š Selenium with C# Training

πŸ“š Big Data Testing Training

πŸ“š ETL Testing Training

πŸ“š Selenium with Python Training 

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