Why Writers Should be Paid More

You see content everywhere, be it a billboard, a magazine, a book, a building or even a road. There are professional writers around us all the time who are some how directly or indirectly involved in content writing. Question is, are content writers paid adequately? Well in some cases yes and in some cases no. Or lets just say it totally depends on the potential of the writer him/herself.

Is it a Lucrative Field? 

Well, in a way it is very lucrative. If this industry does not has huge involvement of money than there wouldn't be professional ghostwriting agencies in the business, there are agencies who are hiring ghostwriters and asking them to produce the content for their clientele and businesses.

How People Earn Name?

You will see many successful individuals in this field like there are uncountable authors who are widely popular for their best selling books and same is the cases for bloggers. There are many bloggers who are earning in millions for their online content and they are likewise popular. Not to underestimate the newspaper columnist, those who are doing good are very powerful and influential and have a say.


I will not drag this more but say that this industry works like any other industry out their. If you have the guts and skills you can climb many mountains, but if you don't have the itch to learn and grow you will have hard time in writing industry or any other industry. 

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