Ultimate Game of Thrones Costume Guide

A game of Thrones is a remarkably famous TV drama series that audience all over the world loves to watch. The following stories are based on several kings fighting to be the one and only king of a fictional place called Westeros. Since its release back in 2009, this TV serial has been admired around the world for its perfect version of the novels written in the games of thrones books series of, A Song of Fire and Ice, by George R.R. Martin is also one of the most popular song of the serial that appreciated by numerous viewers.
You must watch games of thrones series as this TV serial is known best for its aggressive dynastic struggle between noble families for the throne, getting exciting and breathtaking with every single twist and turns made in the plots to get the attention of the audience through the dominance of the most highlighted characters.
But, we are here not to talk or discuss these things, what we need is to learn how to make the Game of Thrones cosplay costumes for the upcoming costume, theme or cosplay event or any other get-together. Therefore, we have gathered an incredible Game of Thrones Dresses guide that features some of the leading characters that you love to watch. So, let’s start your guide and learn how to make your own game of thrones outfits that gives you classy and amazing appearance.

Jon Snow Costume

Let’s start this costume guide with the person’s attire who is best known for his loyalty and honesty one and only Jon Snow. He is sincere to the night’s Watch; Jon Snow is the part of Stark family, loyal to the military, these qualities loved by all the fans of games of thrones. The below attire wear by the Jon when he is serving as a night’s watch. Let’s learn what things you need to make your own Jon Snow costume.

Complete Costume

If you want to look similar like Jon Snow, then this is the apparel you need. All in one just put this full Jon Snow costume and get his look at any time. This outfit includes belt, cape, waistcoat, strap, gloves, sleeves, and kilt. Overall the attire is made up of high-quality fabric; exceptional stitching is done by the experts, unique designing with the soft touch that gives you ease and comfort feels. Grab this outfit and show an incredible impression to everyone.


Now next item you need to complete your Jon Snow look is this black color pants. These Jon Snow pants are perfect for wearing with casual shirt or t-shirt as well. Kit Harington wears these pants while playing the character of Jon Snow in the TV series Games of Thrones.


Fans who want to look exactly like Night’s Watch then, they have to wear these boots which worn by the Jon Snow in games of thrones. Jon wears these boots as they are perfect for not only the cold but also for the fight in the snowy area. Top leather with the finest crafting made these shoes durable and long lasting.


Now to further enhance your night watch costume to have to wears these gloves. Jon Snow is seen wearing these simple black gloves that help him against the cold, also for getting a better grip on the weapon when he is fighting. So do not skip these gloves along with the other items as these are the ones that pull the entire costume together.

Hair Wig

Perfect wig for all of them who wish to cosplay the character of night’s watch in their costume night. The wig perfectly impersonates Jon Snow's hairstyle as the hairs are black, curly, and long. The Jon Snow wig is adjustable so that it can fit different people.

Scabbard and Sword

As we all know that Jon can’t protect the wall without the sword and scabbard. Throughout the series, Jon Snow has a superb looking Valyrian steel sword just like similar to the one that shown above. This sword comes with the scabbard, so you don’t need to purchase it separately. The blade is made up of carbon, so it will not harm you. Complete your Jon Snow costume by having all the items mentioned above and be the star of the gathering.

Tyrion Lannister Costume

One of the essential character of the games of thrones as it appears in most of the games of thrones episodes. Tyrion also called as the monster by his family members, Tyrion Lannister is a person hated by many of his family members yet loved by everyone else. As from his name we get the idea that Tyrion belongs to Lannister family and that’s the reason he is a rich as he is from one of the wealthiest houses in all of Westeros. He is often seen in elegant dresses with exceptional style and pattern, so we have chosen him to look one of the richest people in any gathering. Below are the Tyrion Lannister costumes ideas.


Tyrion’s vest is the most attractive one among all rest of his attires without any doubt. The vest is a stunning burgundy in color with dragon embodied features and drawstring closing that gives it a typical touch. The above vest give you similar look of Tyrion Lannister, this piece of cloth is made up of premium quality fabric, exclusive crafting and unique design made this outfit one of the masterpieces of Tyrion Lannister costumes


This stylish coat would be worn under the vest. Just like shown in the Lannister costume picture, this coat goes up to the knees. Do not worry about the hood as it is easily removable. The lining of the coat further increases its looks to make it look much better and more like ‘armor’ as seen on Tyrion. The coat is thick, so it’ll also be useful in cold places or a winter season for the elegant look.


Make sure that the pants you choose will be of the same color to the coat as if it doesn’t match with the coat then it will look odd, and your overall costume also gives a dull look. This pant that shows in the above picture will compliment your overall appearance. The pants are soft to the touch and are exceptionally comfortable so that you can sport them the whole day without any discomfort at all. Your half Tyrion Lannister costume is complete with the above item, but still, there are some things you need to have a full look like Tyrion Lannister.


Let’s finish your Lannister costume with these eye-catching boots that match with rest of the outfits perfectly. These boots are just that and also similar in looks to Tyrion’s boots. Made up of high-quality material, finest crafting done by the experts and simple design allow you to wear this whole shoe day long without any pain.

Daenerys Targaryen Khaleesi Costume

Daenerys belongs to House of Targaryen whose most of the members were thrown out of Westeros during a revolutionary led by Robert Baratheon and Eddard Stark. Almost all have been killed in the rebellion. To seek revenge and to get back the throne, Daenerys, although being part-time in warfare, uses her love for the people and her family name to get people to come together behind her in her effort. Khaleesi is another name given to her as she was a wife of a Khal, a warlord in power of thousands of soldiers. We are going to discuss two Daenerys Targaryen outfits which she wore in Game of Thrones during the series.

Complete Khaleesi Costumes

If you want to cosplay Khaleesi character that you have to dress up like her from top to bottom. Khaleesi Games of Thrones costume includes the main items, the skirt and the top, and also secondary items like a leather jacket and leg guards. The above costume comes with all these things, so you don’t need to run here and there to collect the entire item separately.


Next on our list are these pants that are of the same color. When you are choosing a pant for the apparel of Khaleesi, the two things to keep in mind are the color of the pant and its fitting. These trousers excellently fulfill both of the requirements as the color matches the rest of the game of Thrones Khaleesi costumes spotlessly while the fitting is great as well. No issues of comfort as you can perform your task by wearing these pants with your entire stylish outfit the whole day.


After covering all the main items here comes the turn of secondary things. The first items are the pair of gloves Daenerys is seen wearing. Similar to the one that Khaleesi wear in the games of thrones TV serial. Soft, smooth and comfortable enough that gives you relax feel.


With this last item, your Khaleesi costume comes to an end. If you think that your original hair is just like Daenerys, then you may avoid this secondary item, but if not then you must need this as it will enhance your overall Khaleesi appearance.

Daenerys Targaryen Blue Costume

Daenerys Blue Costume

This blue dress is the central piece of a game of Thrones Khaleesi costume. This dress is of high-quality fabric, first-class stitching with beautiful color and unique designing. You can also wear this blue dress to any other outfit of casual gathering for the elegant look.


Ever saw a queen without the cape? Simple this cape this another important item in Khaleesi costume. If you want a perfect Khaleesi to look then never skip this cape. The elastic and soft fabric has been used to give you smooth, and comfort feel.


You don’t need to wear something lavish or classy to give a final touch to your Khaleesi look. All you need is this khaki straight fit leg pant which is simply fabulous. You can use it as a daily wear or as casual attire.


Last you need a perfect pair of boots that complete your look and give you classy appearance. It is made of the top quality material with excellent finishing which made it a classic piece.

Jaime Lannister Costume

Jaime Lannister is the man who takes the major U-turn for the fans in the entire TV series. He is hated by everyone at the beginning of the season of Game of Thrones, but slowly he starts doing such acts which are admirable and honorable. Jaime Lannister also belongs to the comfortable house of Lannister. He is one of the king's guards as he is in charge of the protection of the king. He is also known as the Kings layer as he killed a king, Aerys Targaryen, whom he had affirmed to protect. Therefore, he is also famous by the name of Oath breaker. Jaime Lannister costume is also appreciated by most of the audience and for cosplay with perfection.

Brown Trench Coat

This trench coat is necessary for the entire fans that are going to cosplay the Jaime character in any costume or theme party. This coat is long enough that it reaches to the knees. Top quality fabric, finest stitching with unique color made this trench coat of the best piece of Jaime Lannister costume.

Men's Tan Pants

The last thing which you need to complete your Jaime Lannister classic outfit is these cream color trousers. Make sure that your pants will match your trench coat perfectly otherwise it will decrease your overall look and won’t give you similar look to the Jaime Lannister. 

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