Explainer Videos and How They can be a Major Digital Marketing Tool!

  Animation is a vast field and there are a number of trends that come and go in the animation industry. Explainer videos are one of the trends of animation that is still in. Companies and businesses use explainer videos for many purposes. They are not just used for passing factual information but also for accomplishing digital marketing goals. All businesses have to do is to look for good explainer video makers for accomplishing their digital marketing goals in order to have success. Here are a few types of explainer video that are famous among marketers and businesses. Choose the one that would suit you to assure excellent customer response!  

  2D Animations  

  2D animations are simple yet effective animation style for explainer videos. They are used by many businesses successfully. 

However, these animations need stronger storylines and a more creative approach to enchant the viewers. It is highly influential when combined with good storyline and can be used to attract a diverse range of audience.   

  3D Animations  

  3D animation is more powerful as its visuals possess all 3 dimensions and thus, are more realistic. They are highly demanding when it comes to animation making. 

An explainer video maker need to be more skillful, creative, and careful with the choices while working with 3D. However, the outcomes are worth the hard work that it takes. This type of animation is vastly used in the fields of healthcare, advertisement and marketing, and entertainment industry.   

  Whiteboard Animation  

 Whiteboard animation is the most used animation style when it comes to explainer videos. 

Whiteboard animation is designed with a purpose of making the audience focus completely on the information. It is first sketched or created on a whiteboard or a similar surface and then designed digitally. The concept is based on whiteboard style of passing information and the approach is fairly minimalistic. 

  Cartoon Animation  

  Having cartoon characters in your videos is highly recommended as it uplift the environment of the video and makes it more interactive. 

Audience feel it more convenient to engage with a video that has characters regardless of age or demographics.  

  Motion Graphics  

  One of the most famous animation trends is motion graphics.

 The concept of motion graphics involves the infusion of various shapes and patterns to convey a certain message. It is a good tool for attracting your audience and present them with the message in a simple way.  

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