How do you know what eyeglasses look good on you?

 Eyeglasses have always been an essential part of accessory regardless if you have poor eyesight or not. The key to getting the best custom eyeglasses is to find what suits you to bring up your personality and style. Fortunately, we do not need to become an eye expert to achieve the best custom made eyeglasses for you.

Check out the following to find the eyeglasses that would bring out the best in you.

The shape of the Face: Your face shape is an important element that will help you know the right eyeglass frame that will enhance your look and everything in your face. For this, the general rule is to buy frames that are entirely contrasted to your face shape.

  • Round face: Rectangular or square frames to make it wider and add balance to the round features.
  • What to avoid: rimless, round and small frames
  • Oval face: Frames with strong bridge and with geometric shapes
  • What to avoid: Overlarge frames
  • Square face: Oval and round eyeglasses to produce a thinner appearance on the strong angles
  • What to avoid: Angular and boxy frames
  • Diamond-shaped: Oval glasses and eye cat frames to accentuate the cheekbones and other delicate features
  • What to avoid: Boxy and narrow frames
  • Heart-shaped: Bottom heavy frames to add width to the narrow portion of the face
  • What to avoid: Frames that emphasize the forehead

Skin Tone: Just like your face shape, the color of your skin is another factor in choosing the eyeglasses because it can highlight both the glasses and your skin, creating additional radiation to your aura. When it comes to skin tone, choose a color frame that is closest to your skin shade.

  • Warm skin tone: For those with yellow, bronze, or golden-like skin features, choose brown, honey, light tortoise, beige, or olive green shades
  • Cool skin tone: For those with pinkish or bluish undertones, consider silver, black, pink, purple, blue, and gray shades

Lifestyle: Besides being a fashion accessory and to cover up our problems in eyesight, eyeglasses are also part of our lifestyle and this is another thing to think about when it comes to choosing eyeglasses. From your daily activities, check which of these can give you convenience. For those with active lifestyles, for instance, you have to choose something that can be twisted and never breaks easily. There are also stylish frames that suit gamers for the better gaming experience, professionals to add confidence to them, and students to achieve their best learning experience.

Personality: Eyeglasses can also define what type of personality you possess. The color of the frame and some embellishments can define how cool, serious, and fun-loving you are. Sometimes, you can also choose more than one glasses that suit what you usually do like being a traveler and a business owner since we cannot use the same thing for the same reasons. Now that you are equipped with this checklist in choosing your eyeglasses, you can head on to your trusted eye expert for choosing the best eyeglasses that would look at your best.

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