Yaniv Sherman, an expert on gambling and sports betting who is also the head of Commercial Development at 888 Holdings, said: "When we look at the figures for April 2020 compared to April 2019 and January 2020, we see a daily increase of more than 60% in active poker players on our US poker platform, which includes our Interstate Poker Network - the first regulated multistate poker network. "

"We see similar trends on our global poker network, a testament to a recreational destination that people enjoy while hiding in place," he added.

The rise and fall of the poker industry in the United States

Online poker was a huge industry in the United States a decade and a half ago, prior to its illegal status. This was the moment when WSOP champion Chris Moneymaker was known to everyone in the country and the ESPN generated a lot of traffic during the annual World Series of Poker.

But then came a time when the game was made illegal in many states and the world seemed to stop for many. States like New Jersey, which currently allow all forms of online gambling - from poker to roulette to blackjack to sports gambling, are still working. However, state like Washington prohibits online poker from being extreme.

However, this lockout phase of the coronavirus has led many to rediscover their interest in poker, and the increase has certainly shown a way to stabilize the current downturn in the US economy.

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