Top highlighted mobile app development notions from 2017

The global mobile application development industry continues to grow and expand at a rapidly increasing rate compared to previous years. Either we look onto the number of available apps or the increasing number of mobile users across the world, mobile application development is proving itself to be an integral component of the future of technology. Let us now have a look at some of the most surprising facts and trends that have completely reshaped the domain of mobile apps development in 2017.

Increased number of mobile apps and users

It is evident that the number of mobile apps and users have been dramatically increased within a couple of years. According to most of the credible industry reports, the total number of free mobile apps to download in the year 2017 is expected to reach around 253 billion with an average number of around 37 apps downloaded by each mobile user around the world.

Increased demand for IoT and Wearables mobile apps

Internet of Things and Wearable devices have become one of the most trending concept and devices in the year 2017 when it comes to the mobile platforms. According to IDC the category for wearable devices is expected to reach a total composite annual growth rate of around 20.3% with almost 213 million wearable devices shipments by the end of 2020.

The growing demand for mobile app streaming

Mobile app streaming or the concept of instant apps has completely revolutionized the way users interact with their mobile devices. According to a mobile application development FL based team of experts, app streaming is generally described as using a set of specific features of any required mobile app without downloading and installing it into the mobile device. 

Rapidly increasing focus on mobile security

With the release of every new mobile OS, there are a number of security and privacy concerns that spontaneously appear and largely affect the global industry of mobile platform. In addition to that, a mobile app development California based team of professionals the increased use of mobile commerce and in-app purchases has further raised the bar for strengthening mobile apps security.

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