Create A Text-Only Logo: Read Why And How

  You may have seen that a man is recognized by the unique appearance of his facial features. Similarly, a business or a company as an entity also requires a face or a symbol to be recognized and remembered by the people. The symbol of your identity and the reason for your utmost success is the logo you create for your company. The logo of a company, defines the everything about a company and the current position, as where it stands a competition in the market.  

The experts believe that no other investment or asset of the company is as valuable as a logo, with it being the building resources of whatever. These assets may provide resources for the business but cannot provide value to the person or business in anyways. However, a good logo design can easily do that and take your company to new heights.  

Considering the tight competition in the modern world with all the modern day technologies it has become very important to create your company with all the best elements. Most importantly with the best aesthetics, which on top requires attention on the logo design.  

Many companies today are smart enough to produce a great yet compelling logo before getting started with their business activities, while many companies fail to understand the importance of a good logo design Melbourne.  

However, now it is not necessary to create complicated, expensive logos as the people today are leaning towards the simpler things and the logo design you choose for your company today needs to be as simple as possible for creating better memorability of the business.  

Well, the simplest trick to achieve the simplest possible logo is by choosing a text-only logo for your company. Nothing can be as intricate as a text logo today. You can find many already successfully leading companies bearing a text-only logo and making rounds among the audiences and the online platforms as well.  

If you are not familiar with a text only logo, here is a brief guide to get you through all the information that can help you create an outstanding text-only logo.  

Get to know yourself as a brand

The best way to gather good ideas for a compelling text logo, is by understanding yourself as a brand, which is your current position in the market and among the audience. Nobody can define you as a brand until you do it yourself.  The logo should define the goals, missions and visions of your company for your audience.  The symbol you select for representing your company should tell all about you through just an image or icon.  

Take inspiration from the leading companies’ logo design

The best way to learn something is to take inspiration for the leaders of the industry who can tell you all about what works and what doesn't when it comes to any business activity. Take the example of the leading companies, like FedEx and Coca-Cola they are quite famous globally and have the simplest text-only logo and they managed to make themselves the pioneers or their related industries.  

Keep the logo design simple

It is not a hidden thing anymore that the simpler things tend to catch the attention and interest better than the complicated and confusing ones. If you want to create a massive impact keep your design, simply impeccable and catchy.


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