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 1.8/5(44votes)  Could you identify the best examples of rebranding today?The visual identity of brands must be consistent with their corporate strategy and the current context in which they are located. Thus,many brands that are decades old need to renew and redesign theirlogos;in order to adapt to the digital world and consumer demands.It is interesting to know the best examples of rebranding to be inspired by what otherbrands do. Skymarketing offers wonderful space propelled lodgings and a powerful social scene at awe inspiring territories like blue world city Islamabad. When to rebrand your brand First, itis convenient to know when to rebrand your brand, since it is not an action that should be taken without thinking strategically.Generally, modifications are usually made in the following cases:  

  • Differentiation from the competition.
  • Eliminate a negative image of the brand.
  • Faced with a loss of market share.
  • A change that is related to the evolution of the brand itself.
  • An unexpected cause, like a market crisis.

10 of the best rebranding examples Here are some of the best rebranding examples on the market.With them you can be inspired for your brand and find the most creative way to do it: 1.- McDonald's  One of the best examples of rebranding is that of McDonald's, which had a change in its business strategy to eliminate its bad image.In the 1990s and early 2000s, McDonald's turned from a staple food supplier to a junk food place. In particular,the image society had was of a cheap place with unhealthy food, even a dirty place.In addition, the documentarySuper Size Meshowed the harmful diet of eating McDonald's every day.Thus, the reputation of the brand was affected and they invested in new strategies, such as rebranding. You may also interested in : Qnnit  In this way, McDonald's went green and included healthier and fresher foods, such as salads, in their offering.Also, it has changed the appearance of its establishments and has revised their location.All this to convey a cleaner, more elegant and healthy image.McDonald's has wanted to go from being a fast food chain to associating it with the image of a restaurant. 2.- Apple  Apple is another brand that cannot be missing from a list of the best examples of rebranding.Steve Jobs took over the company in 1997, and Apple began to stand out among consumers.The image of minimalism and modernity in its products and campaigns were the axes for its key idea of ​​innovation. In their marketing and advertising campaignsthey focused on ideas and offering experiences, rather than on products or purchases.Thus, Apple managed to diversify its client portfolio and consolidate itself in the technology industry. In addition, the brand changed from“Apple Computer”to“Apple”, which helped it expand its market share.In this way, it could not only sell computers, but also other technological devices such as the iPhone.In fact, they determined their target with the idea of ​​“Think Different” and their logo has been updated to continue transmitting innovation as the main axis. 3.- Pepsi  Updating or changing the logo is one of the most common rebranding actions of brands.Without a doubt, one of the brands that has modified its logo the most has been Pepsi.For some, the "continuous" changes have damaged their image, and sales have suffered. Actually, sometimes itis convenient to do a rebranding in order to strengthen your brand to the values ​​it represents.Also, it may be due to a change in business strategy or to eliminate bad brand image.In the case of Pepsi, the changes have been significant, changing the logo up to 11 times since 1898. In the beginning the brand was recognized as Pepsi Cola, and later it was simplified to Pepsi.Currently, it is identified by the isotype or symbol of the brand, which is the circle with the red, blue and white colors of Pepsi. 4.- Mr. Clean  Another way of rebranding is bychangingthe brand'snaming, which is one of the most radical modifications.This is the case of Mr. Clean, formerly called Mr. Proper, who changed his name and kept a logo similar to the one they had. Although it seems risky, there are times when it is necessary and Don Limpio is one of the best examples of rebranding.This brand was becoming self-competition, since throughout Europe it was called Mr. Proper.Thus, the same product began to be exported to different countries where the cost was higher. Therefore, the company fell into an internal crisis and it was decided to call the same product differently in each country. 5.- Burberry  Decades agoBurberry was associated with a gang brand, getting a bad rap.For 2001 the new creative director, Christopher Bailey, took over.Thus, it introduced changes and new products, such as swimsuits and raincoats. Likewise, it had the support of influencers such as Emma Watson and Kate Moss, which helped consolidate the new brand image.Today, Burberry is a luxury brand with an elegant and prestigious image. Also, it rebranding its logo and changing its characteristic rider.He left only his name and included the words "London England."In this way, she wanted to approach a younger audience and get away from the sobriety that was accompanied by the image of her brand. 6.- Movistar  Movistar is the most important Spanish telecommunications multinational, which was born under the name of Telefónica de España SA.In order to reach a younger audience, the company began to use the Movistar namein its advertising campaigns since 2010. Thus, it has made several rebrandings of its logo until it is reduced to the M for Movistar, having simplicity as a base.In the new design, the highlights and embossments of the M have been removed, as well as the blue gradient background.Currently, the M is flat and simple, as well as appearing not only in green, but also in blue and white. The new simplified logo is easily applicable on social media and advertising campaigns.In this way, Movistar is closer to new technologies and the digital world, respecting business values ​​and strategies. 7.- Schweppes  The Schweppes brand is owned by different companies in each country;therefore both the branding and the packaging vary.For example, in the UK it is owned by Coca Cola, while in Spain it is owned by Orangina-Schweppes. In 2017 Schweppes rebranding in the UK,changing the shape of the bottle in reverse.Currently, it is practically widened from the top of the bottle and they have opted for a change in the typography of the logo. Thus, the labeling changes and the logo becomes dry stick, eliminating the serifs in order to better understand and use the new bottles. 8.- YouTube  More than 1.9 billion users log on to YouTube each month, and these users watch over 1 billion hours of video.Thus, this platform has become the most visited in the world and its use continues to grow every year. One of the best examples of rebranding is YouTube in 2017;which is the only one it has made since it was created.The YouTube Sans font has been created for the new logo.It is distinguished by being more rounded and less condensed.In this way, it helps in readability andstill maintains the essence. Also, the word"Tube"has been taken out of the red box and joined to that of"You", making up the whole word YouTube.In front of the word they have included the play icon of their videos in a red box, and thus the rebranding has been completed. 9.- Audi  Audi has redesigned its logo on numerous occasions.In 2017 he did it again, in order to adapt to new technologies.Like Movistar, this brand has also chosen to withdraw its Audi name and has eliminated the reliefs and shine of the rings. The logo consists of the icon of the four rings, in a flat shape and simple lines.Thus, it allows better use of social networks and advertising campaigns. 10.- Post Office
Recently the courier company Correos has presented its new corporate identity.This is one of the best examples of rebranding, in which the update of the iconic postal cornet stands out.They have simplified the icon by removing elements, such as the circles that made up the crown. In addition, a new visual system has been created that is made up of geometric elements in yellow and dark blue.Likewise, a new typeface has been designed, called Postman, in bold, regular and light versions. In this way, Correos has wanted to update to the present times and have a simpler, more modern and digital visual identity.The brand wanted to transmit its change through an innovative campaign.Without a doubt, it stands out for its freshness and the capacity for synthesis. Therefore, with the best examples of rebrandingyou can see how important it is to have a visual identity according to your brand and the current context.AtAnteveniowe can be thepartner you need to define, manage and enrich yourcorporate branding strategy.   

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