Product placement in the series: the five most profitable

 5/5(3votes)  Product placement was developed in the 1980s and became popular thanks to the film ET. Although it started in the film industry, it later moved to other industries.Like, for example, to that of the television series.As its name suggests, what it is about is to place products within a story as part of it. This strategy has become very important for brands and producers.It is an effective way to finance audiovisual projects and make them more profitable.And, for brands,the possibility of reaching large audiences bypresenting themselves within the context of a story without being intrusive. Because this type of advertising is done in a more subtle way without the need to interrupt the action.If you think about it coldly, how many people watch TV commercials?The reality is that today, fewer and fewer people. Spectators take advantage of advertising breaks to zap, go to the toilet or for a snack.Anything to avoid seeing the ads.So brands came up with a new way for viewers to view their products indirectly. Skymarketing offers wonderful space propelled lodgings and a powerful social scene at awe inspiring territories like blue blue world city. Brands take advantage of product placement to, in many cases, become the protagonists of stories.Sometimes even on the same level as the actors.Although on other occasions, advertising is more camouflaged. What is product placement? Below you will find some clear examples of product placement in five television series that were very profitable.But first, it is interesting to understand why this advertising strategy is so effective and what are the most common types of product placement for brands. Product placement consists of showing, mentioning or interacting with a product in television series, movies or video games.This totally breaks with the traditional way of advertising. It is known that today people receive about 6,000 advertising hits a day.The advertising saturation is such that brands must seekincreasingly effective and less intrusive waysto get their products to consumers. With product placement, the point is that the product is integrated as part of the story so that the assimilation of it by the public is more natural.Sometimes the product can even become very popular for appearing in a successful production. You may also interested in : Qnnit  Advantages of product placement for brands With all that said, it is easy to intuit what are the main advantages of placing advertising within a series.Some of the reasons why it is so effective are:  

  • Being part of a storyis not intrusive, since      it is not necessary to interrupt the programming to talk about the      product.
  • Theaffinity of a program with the target audiencecan      be harnessedto achieve greater success.
  • Normally, it ischeaper and more qualitativethan      making a traditional advertisement.
  • Brandscan benefit fromthe prescription      factorof the actorswho interact or teach the product.

Although not everything is so simple.As it is a type of subtle advertising, it is necessary to try not to exceed the limit of legality.Especially if you interact with the product explicitly.In these cases, the public must be warned that they are being subjected to an advertising exposure. Types of product placement  It is possible to distinguish between three forms of product placement based on the way in which the interlocutor interacts with the product and their degree of involvement: A.- Assets per share In this type of advertising, the charactersinteract directly with the product, making it part of the scene.An example of this is the car model that the protagonist can drive. B.- Active by mention The actorsinclude the product or brand within the discourse of the action, even if they do not make a description of it.Like, for example, mentioning how good a certain drink tastes. C.- Liabilities In this case,the product or service is present in the scene and highly visible, but the characters do not interact with it or mention it.It can be a street sign, a consumer product such as liquor bottles in a bar, a food brand, etc. Therefore, although it appears on the screen, it is not part of the action and constitutes an even more subtle form of advertising. 5 of the most profitable series for product placement Do you want to learn from the best series in which product placement has been effective?Here are five of the most interesting: 1.- The paper house  La casa de papel is one of the most successful foreign language series on Netflix.The Estrella Galicia beer brand is its biggest beneficiary.And not only her.There are many brands that have managed to position themselves with the plot reaching a very global audience. The presence of Estrella Galicia is very recurrent during the first chapters of the plot.When the muggers are arguing about their plan and have beer.Or when the cops are eating at the bar near the robbery and the walls are full of brand advertising.And even some shots have started with the beer bottle occupying part of the screen. But this is not the only brand that has appeared in the series.Only in the first season brands like Gigaset, Cola Cao and Bq have also had their moments on the screen.What's more, some products are so well integrated that they can go unnoticed. An example of this is theAlliance Vendingbrand coffee machinein which one of the characters has a coffee in one of the first chapters.After taking the product, he makes a mention of the quality of the coffee: "then they say that the officials don't take care of themselves." 2.- Friends Friends is possibly one of the most popular series worldwide.There were many brands that appeared during the development of their seasons.Some of them wereBloomingdales, Gap and Ralph Lauren. But while you're going by in a more or less subtle way,Porsche took up an entire episode.In that chapter, Joey found the keys to a Porsche and began to pretend it was his.In addition, he acquired a few pieces of the brand to make his lie more solid. In the end everything is discovered.ButPorsche got a good deal of publicity by displaying its product as a sign of sophistication and seduction. 3.- The Big Bang Theory Apple is a brand that appears on a recurring basis in various television series.Whether they are their mobiles, or their powerful laptops, it is very common to find their products on television series.Although it is one of the most important brands in the world, it never stops working on its advertising. In the case of The Big Bang Theory,Apple demonstrated how tointroduce its product advertising with great genius.Thus, he took advantage of one of the chapters to showSIRI, the iPhone virtual assistant.This is a success if one takes into account that the audience of this show coincides with thebuyer-personof Apple. In that episode, Raj began a romantic relationship with his personal computer assistant since he has always had a hard time establishing relationships with the opposite sex.Little by little he falls in love with SIRI and decides to visit her in her office. In this way, Apple takes advantage of the history of this gang of geeks to show their latest news.This shows the enormous efficiency potential of SIRI and its greatartificial intelligencethat can even appear human 4.- The Walking Dead The Walking Dead is another of those iconic series that have achieved success.For this reason, the Korean car manufacturerHyundai reached an agreement with AMC and its vehicles were the protagonists of the zombie apocalypse during the first seasons. There are many scenes in which you can see their car models.But the most popular was the Hyundai Tucson that Shane drove in its early chapters.They even demonstrated the power of their vehicles when they hit the rotten ones. As a way to further reinforce the link between the brand and the series, they unveiled a model of the Elantra Coupe at San Diego Comic-Con in 2012 that they dubbed theZombie Survival Machine.This one had everything you need to take on a horde of zombies, with reinforced windows, blades on the wheels and a front shovel to take them away. Another example was thelimited edition of the TucsonThe Walking Dead Editionwith all kinds of nods for fans of the series. 5.- Mad Men When it comes to substances like tobacco, advertising is highly restricted.But Mad Men is a series set in the 80s,so getting the setting right is an opportunity for brands like Lucky Strike. During all its episodes, the male characters appear smoking cigarettes, a lot.And this has allowed Lucky Strike to be one of the protagonists of this series that addresses the problems and affairs of the advertising agency Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce.In fact,he significantly increased his sales with his appearance on the series. For many brands, getting their products placed in a hit series as part of the story line is a great triumph.This allows you to have a huge advertising diffusion and achieve great prestige.For this reason, it is a very common type of advertising within thebranding Marketingstrategy ofbrands. Do you need help to improve your branding?At Antevenio we know how tobuild your brand image whiletaking care of your corporate reputation.   

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