Keys to choose the best keywords for videos on Youtube

  5/5(4votes)  Finding the best keywords for videos on YouTube is essential if you have a channel and you want your videos to be well positioned.Working on SEOis an important part of any digital marketing strategy. Although commonly people associate it with web pages, blogs and Google results, in reality you must work on the positioning of any content.How are people going to find you if you don't leave breadcrumbs for them to go on? Skymarketing offers wonderful space propelled lodgings and a powerful social scene at awe inspiring territories like blue world city Islamabad. Keywords are ultimately terms that users use to search for results.They are the main form of access to content and web pages, sincemost of the traffic of any site is organic.If you correctly optimize the keywords of your videos, they can significantly improve their general ranking in search results. The potential of video searches Do not forget that YouTube is the second search engine in the world.Millions of users use it daily to search and view videos on any subject.With such a large audience, the importance of using keywords so that yourtarget audiencecan find youis indisputable. How does this happen?Users do a search and if your SEO is well worked, your videos will appear among the first results.Hencethe importance that your keywords are well worked and are correctly related to the content of your video or channel. YouTube is a very powerful social network to achieve brand recognition.It is the ideal format forbranded contentthanks tostorytelling.Video in recent years has acquired a huge role among users.Being one of the content with the most engagement, YouTube generates more than 60% of qualified leads. You may also interested in : Qnnit  In addition, it represents 80% of Internet traffic.In fact, Google tends to rank videos better in its search results. How to choose the best keywords for YouTube videos There are a number of steps to take when you face the challenge of choosing the best keywords for YouTube videos.It is not just about choosing words at random because they correspond to your theme. You have to carry out a deep investigation and analysis before launching to optimize your SEO through titles, tags and descriptions in your videos.And, in addition, you have to know where to look.Take note of these keys to choose the best keywords for videos on YouTube. A.- Identify what the keywords are When you go to work on your strategy to improve the positioning of videos on YouTube, the first thing you should do isidentify which are the keywords that best identify your channel and your content.Make a list of all the keywords that can be a good fit for your brand and according to the interests of your target audience. Keep in mind the type of keywords that users use to search for video content is not exactly the same as when they search for something specific on the web.A good method is to think of keywords that solve specific problems. In this way, if your sector is beauty, using terms such as"lipsticks", "concealer for dark circles" or "mascara" willnot be very useful.Try to solve a user problem by working with other types of constructions:  

  • How to hide dark circles.
  • Masks to intensify your look.
  • How to put on makeup in 5 minutes.

Also, if you are not very inspired at that time, conducting a keyword search through different methods can help you identify which are the most used keywords within your sector.If you manage to choose these terms well, you will be able toposition yourself betterthan your competitors and occupy a better place in the search rankings. B.- Research and make a final selection When you have already prepared a list of keywords, it is time to choose the best keywords for YouTube videos for you.In this phase, it is about you to carry out a deeper investigation of the termsyou have selected to extract those that can give you the best results. To do this, take a look at which keywords your competition uses the most and which ones have the highest search results.This will help you to reduce the list that you have created until you find the main keywords that you will use in the SEO of your video. Keep in mind that you should not use too many keywords.In fact, the recommendation is usually between 5 and 7. A higher number can dilute the theme of your video, making it difficult to understand its general theme. C.- Name, title and description Once you have defined your keywords, it is time to use them in the SEO of your video.This process begins even before uploading the video to your channel.Make sure that the keyword is part of the file name since the YouTube algorithm will also take it into account to position it. Once the video is uploaded, also place the keyword in the title of the video.Make sure this does not exceed 70 characters.Regarding thedescription of the video, keepin mind that the more words you use, the better.YouTube descriptions allow up to 5000 characters, so take the opportunity to enter all the keywords you have chosen. Where to find the best keywords for videos on Youtube You have already been able to get an idea of ​​what are the steps you should take to work your SEO strategy correctly.But maybe you still don't know where to start looking for the best keywords for YouTube videos.You should know that there are several ways to get ideas for keywords in a simple way,so take note: 1.- Youtube suggestions  Using the suggestions of the YouTube search engine is one of the fastest and easiest ways to find keywords.This is achieved thanks to the autocomplete system of your search engine.If you enter a word in the search bar, Youtube will display a list of suggestions autocompleting the term you have used. These suggested terms are very useful to get an idea of ​​what thetrends are on YouTubesince they are keywords that have already been used.That is, people already do a lot of searches for those terms and that is why it suggests them to you. 2.- Popular videos and video recommendations  Another great way to discover the best keywords for videos on YouTube is to take a look at popular videos similar to yours.To do this, you just have to enter channels on topics the same as yours and sort the lists based on popularity.This will give you an idea of ​​what words the most viewed videos use. On the other hand, when you watch a video, you have a list of suggested videos on the right.This shows suggestions based on similar topics that you've already seen.In this sense, titles and descriptions take on special importance;since they are the ones that will determine if the content is important and how it is related to your interests. Finally, after viewing a video, YouTube also recommends other similar ones from the player screen.Also, you can find more suggestions in the links included in the video description. 3.- Google results Google likes videos and therefore tends to rank them better in its search results.So don't stop looking at which keywords produce better positioning in search engine results. In this way, you canoptimize your keywords byimproving not only YouTube's SEO, but also Google's.Imagine appearing among the first results of the two most important search engines worldwide. 4.- Youtube Analitycs  Your best option to find out what keywords your audience uses to search for your videos is YouTube Analitycs.Although you may already know most of them since you have already used them, it is possible that you will find some unexpected term that can be very useful. In addition,this will help you better plan your keywords, being able to analyze which ones work better.Although, sometimes, that they are used more frequently does not mean that they are the best option for you. Sometimes those keywords that have less competition may be more useful to you.This means fewer videos positioned with them.It can be your great opportunity toattract more viewers to your channel! 5.- Tools to generate keywords If you need more help to generate ideas and choose the best keywords for YouTube videos, there are several tools.One of the best known is the Keyword Tool. This tool has a free version with which you can get a long list of results quickly and easily. You can get the results based on YouTube Autocomplete and Google searches.In this way,you can know what people are looking for by entering the terms that make YouTube videos appear on the Google home page. Therefore, if you correctly integrate the keywords you have chosen in YouTube titles, descriptions and tags, you can always be one step ahead of your competition. If, in addition, you want togive your content greater visibility bycollaborating with other media that have high engagement,at Antevenio we can help you implement yourSEO strategyon your website. a  

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