Branded content strategies for the pharmaceutical sector

5/5(5votes)  Is it interesting to apply branded content for the pharmaceutical or health sector?Everything indicates that this discipline is going to be essential in the development of effective digital marketing strategies for a sector little given to novelties. Luckily for consumers, the way brands communicate with them has changed dramatically over the past few years.Extremely commercial and one-way communications are now behind us.Messages issued by brands to directly sell their products to their target audience. Today brand-consumer communication has become more complex.And it requires much more imagination and work on the part of brands.Something that happens mainly thanks to the knowledge acquired by consumers.And also so the high competition that brands face in the market. You may also interested in : Qnnit  The value of trust in communication In addition,the communication channel that advertising represented has become multidirectional.So consumers themselves currently play an important role in brand communication:  

  • On the one hand, they can communicate with the brand      itself.Which is positive since it receives feedback.
  • And, on the other, you can communicate with other      consumers.Boosting the brand's message and helping you achieve your      goals.

If a keyword had to be found for the current paradigm of this brand-consumer communication, that would betrust.How can a brand gain the trust of its users through the commercial communication it generates?One of the most effective ways is through branded content for the pharmaceutical sector. What is Branded Content?  As the term itself indicates, itis about the content that a brand generates.Yes, brands used to generate content: their own ads.But the communication paradigm has evolved.And, today, it is necessary to generate unique content, which goes far beyond mere advertising. The content generated by a brand must be designed to attract potential users.But, they must also be focused on building trust.The key to branded content for the pharmaceutical sector or for any business sector. For this to be possible, there are different working techniques.One of the most interesting isthestorytelling, the art of telling stories.Through this discipline, a brand can connect with the emotions of its target users. If we add a transmedia component to the storytelling itself, the number of emotional impacts that can be generated in the target audience multiplies.In addition to thegamificationpossibilitiesthat multiplatform content can provide. Skymarketing offers wonderful space propelled lodgings and a powerful social scene at awe inspiring territories like Capital Smart City.        Branded content formats to work on the storytelling of a brand  If it is possible to generate content for all existing platforms, imagine the number of formats that can be used toarticulate the message of a brand.To the already traditional formats such as text, images or videos, we must now add other possibilities. Some of the most interesting are the applications for mobile phones, scientific studies, events ... and a very long etcetera where the limits are not marked.A whole set of formats to enrich the brand's message.And to connect, in a certain way, with your potential users while entertaining them. Why is branded content key for sectors such as health?  It seems clear that the keyword that perfectly describesthe ultimate goal of branded content is trust.And sectors such as health, in which the pharmaceutical industry has a lot of weight,trust in the key to getting their potential customers to choose their products or services over those of the competition. That is why branded content for the pharmaceutical sectoris really important.And it is where the big brands are investing resources and where great examples can be found. Azul o Rosa, a successful and outstanding example of branded content for the pharmaceutical sector If there is a famous case in Spain ofbranded content for the pharmaceutical sector, itwould be the "Blue or Pink"campaign.Merck, a science and technology company, opted for branded content to promote fertility therapies. From the hand of the content agency Zond they produced the documentary "Blue or Pink, a trip to fertility".It told the stories of different couples trying to get pregnant with fertility treatments. The documentary achieved a cumulative audience of more than 25 million people for the brand.In addition, it achievedhundreds of thousands of views of the video and a significant increase in followers on the company's social networks. But the most important thing was the engagement data.Figures that were above 90%.And that generated a memory in around 80% of the people participating in a study in which the documentary was viewed. 6 multiplatform examples of branded content for the pharmaceutical sector The pharmaceutical industry is a strong economic sector.For this reason, the resources they allocate to the promotion of their brands and their products are not few. Thanks to this investment and the high competition they have in their market, they are committed to novel, disruptive and innovative communications with their consumers.These are 6 examples of branded content campaigns for the pharmaceutical sector that were outstanding and successful in terms of objectives. 1.- The Tooth Fairy from BUPA UK The English company BUPA has found in branded content a great ally to communicate its brand and its services. This campaign is focused on animated video.And it addresses the smallest of the house.For this reason, she opted for the cartoon so that her message would get through.The video surpassed one million views during one of the most effective branded content campaigns for the pharmaceutical sector. 2.- The short film “Ten Glorious Seconds” by BUPA UK On this occasion, the English company decided to bet on branded content for the pharmaceutical sector by financing and producing the short film "Ten Glorious Seconds" that shared its own values. In addition, the short film was recorded in one of the company's residences.In this way they managed to emotionally impact a very large audience.And to show itself to the world as a brand that cares about its customers when they reach an advanced age.Without forgetting the potential of displaying a service-product on the screen. 3.- Johnson & Johnson and its #SeeHowLoveWorks campaign
The American company is already a regular in the use of branded content in the pharmaceutical sector.With the “See How Love Works”campaign, heopted for the diversity of formats and platforms to get his message across.And he used parents as vehicles for it. The centerpiece of the campaign was a very emotional video.In it you can see the impact that different parents have on the lives of their children. In addition to the video itself, he worked in the same way on different social networks such as Instagram or Twitter.For this, it opted for dynamics that were its own and adapted to each social network. 4.- NHS and Web Positioning  The case of NHS is curious since it opted to take all the web positioning related to a keyword of its interest through a branded content campaign. On the one hand, it protected its dominant position through Google Ads, but it also generated enough content about colds to get a zero position in theSERPs.As well as the rest of the positions of the first page of Google results. 5.- Novartis and its digital magazine Living like You  The pharmaceutical company reached out to multiple sclerosis patients by creating an online magazine that it called "Living Like You." Guest journalists and bloggers who were also affected by the disease published posts in the magazine.In them they recounted in the first person their daily fight against multiple sclerosis.And, at the same time, they advised readers to cope with the effects of the disease. 6.- Pfizer and the American Lung Association and their campaign against smoking "Quitter's circle"  The pharmaceutical industry giant Pfizer partnered with the American Lung Association to launch a branded content campaign targeting those who wanted to quit smoking. In this campaign against smoking, they bet on a website full of content.Its ultimate goal was to generate a community of people determined to give up tobacco.And what I was looking for was for them to advise and support each other. One of the key pieces of the campaign, in addition to the website, was an app in which smokers determined to quit could monitor their progress.At the same time he received support, information and gamified the process. As if that were not enough, the entire campaign had a social component so that the support and progress had its echo on social networks, including WhatsApp.Thus, those closest to them could shelter those who had decided to bet on a healthier lifestyle, leaving behind the bad fumes. Estos 6 ejemplos son sólo una muestra de lo que el branded content puede hacer por tu marca. ¿Necesitas ayuda?En Antevenio somos especialistas en visibilizar tu marca conacciones de branded contenten los medios más relevantes.   

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