An Open Letter to __________ but with no internet speed at all!

 Imagine waking up to the news of winning a chance to talking to someone you idealize or really like as a celebrity. Holly molly golly! The happiness, I swear. If I ever get a chance to writing to Taylor Swift, I’d literally run a mile in excitement despite whatever the weather or clothing I’m in. Still, this is a thought I might even do more than just that when and if it actually literally happens. I mean, get out!! And yeah, I like Tay-tay. I don’t know her music kind of resonates with me and plus let’s not forget how she says it like it is for her. The thing I love is that even though so many people hate on her – she is verbose about her feelings leaving clues for Swifties and the rest of the world to figure out. She is one heck of an intelligent person and I love her music. I’d prolly write it using all her song titles like how a recent ‘bad blood’ with my friends made me tell them to ‘call it what they (you) want’ because they just aren’t ‘gorgeous’ enough for me. ‘Look what you made me do!’ Taylor as ‘I’m feeling 22’ all this just made me realize that me and my friends are ‘never getting back together’ and ‘I’m ready for it!’ And you know what? I am gonna ‘shake it off’ because the ‘old me is dead’ and I won’t go about pleasing people and yet be the one to bring a ‘knife to a gun fight’. Maybe ’cuz ‘we were young and reckless we took it way too far’; I thought ‘it’s gonna be forever’ but we came ‘down in flames’. ‘My castle crumbled overnight’ and ‘nobody has heard me for months’ since ‘all the liars are calling me one’ but Taylor you helped me grow ‘all my flowers back as thorns’ and I feel like ‘I did one thing right’ and that is listening to you. I swear, you’re such an inspiration. ‘I got smarter, I got harder in the nick of time’ because of you, Taylor! And they might have ‘locked me out’ to ‘throw a feast’ – in their eyes ‘maybe I got mine’ but I am sure they’d all get theirs too. ‘The world might move on, another day, another drama, drama’ but not for me, not for me, all I think about is karma’. I had lost hope, pulled on so much weight and literally just lost hope to ever be able to surface from my depression. Tay, ‘you touch me’ to a level no one can and I came out of it. Thank you for existing!! Taylor, I rose up from the dead, I do it all the time – because I have you as an inspiration. So, yeah, coming back to the topic … imagine you get such a chance. How’d you feel? I am sure the mere idea is a symphony to your ears just as it is to mine. But what if your internet speed shatters to the point of no return and the day you had an opportunity is the one your internet chooses to ruin your dream of ever writing to your celeb? It happened with one of my friends cum roommate and it was sad to see the struggle she went through. The speed came back up after a lot of calls and the time had passed. I remember, she tried to send it but obviously it didn’t work out well. That was the moment of epiphany when we decided we should change our service providers. We chose AT&T Internet packages to pick from as they have a 24/7 technical support and yes! The support system actually supports you through internet issues. It has cool packages and reasonable pricing. Now that we have a good connection, we are just waiting for a chance to come across such an opportunity again. I truly hope we do.  

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