What Is The Difference Between Homepage And Landing Page?

You market your product through two ways: A homepage and a landing page. The first one is the main thing and it basically has all the information related to your business. The latter is considered to be a form of digital marketing where you promote your product through advertisement campaigns containing only specific information about the first one. Here are four main differences between both of them: 

Way of attracting the audience

The primary difference between a homepage and a landing page is how it attracts its audience and what kind of audience does it attract. The landing page is called a landing page because it’s where people tend to tend after clicking on the ads they get. Paid search ads have more of this effect. The people who have viewed your site have already shown interest in your product. A person searches for something and clicks on your paid search Advertisement. It’s different from being on your section from a different source. The main purpose of such ads is to target a certain census. This requires your site to be according to the census needs. 


Content matters a lot and the kind of content included making a huge difference. A homepage has detailed content of what you are actually trying to sell but the other one only contains certain parts of information that will attract the viewer. The content should be specific and should only talk concisely about the product or the service you are offering. The homepage has a lot of things at once but viewers land on your landing website because they got attracted to that specific information. You are supposed to give users what they are exactly looking for. Services like web design services offer to come up with the perfect specific information. 


Another difference you can see between these two is in their goals. The homepage has many goals. In a homepage you can see that that there are many sites links in the footer or different social media links on your log. These links help your user to get to wherever they need to or interact with how you want them to. Comparatively, the landing page has just one goal and that goal is to convert the traffic. A landing page does not have kinds of links because they only serve as a distraction for your viewers. Its main goal is to keep those viewers on the section without them going anywhere else. They perform this action and let their users have three options: To convert as an interested user, to login or to just leave the window. There are many web development services that can help you with how to integrate links and use them. Suppose a user is surfing the internet and sees that your Facebook account has 10,000 likes. This serves as an attraction for them and they instantly open your account but when they do, they see that they two notifications and they leave your site. Chances are that it was a rare opportunity and they are never returning back.  


Last but not least, the main difference between both of them is which one is more action oriented and how it handles their customers. A landing site is more action oriented because its main purpose is to convert its traffic. A call to action can be anything. It can be about making a call or emailing them or simply just going ahead and buying their product, what matters is that it needs to be straightforward. A good call to action plan also helps boost conversions. Homepages do not have a strong call to action plan because it’s mostly used as a resource than a conversion site.  


In short, the above mentioned are the major differences between both ways of advertising your product.   

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