5 Tips to Spruce up Your Cleaning Business's Digital Marketing

Tips to Spruce up Your Cleaning Business's Digital Marketing

Digital marketing plays an essential role in the marketing of a business. Now that the world is online and digital platforms are becoming widespread, every business needs to focus on their digital marketing skills. For a cleaning business, the competition in the digital market is really high, as hundreds of cleaning services have sprung up in the past few years.  

Whether you are a small business or a large one, you must pay attention to digital marketing tactics and strategies. The use of digital marketing can increase your business and attract a large group of audience towards your business. Moreover, you can interact easily with the clients and guide them through your services.  Traditional modes of marketing such as TVCs, ads on newspapers, billboards, etc. are quite expensive, and even more so, they are irrelevant today.

 As a result, digital marketing has taken over all the other marketing channels and modes. There are multiple benefits of advertising your cleaning business through digital marketing and social media. If you are looking for some easy yet effective tips to spruce up your marketing, then continue reading this article.  As a cleaning business owner, the following are 5 tips that can help your cleaning business's digital marketing: 

1. Accurate Business Information 

Accurate Business Information

Let's start with the basics, you must provide detailed information about your business on the online platforms that you are using. The information must be accurate and to-the-point. Too often, businesses tend to ignore the attention to detail, and the potential clients tend to get confused about what services this business is offering. 

 The information provided must include:

 · Your brand/business's official name 

· Working hours · Address · Services included

 · Charges

  · Other SOPs

 · Contact number and email address  

This basic set of information must be provided to the customer on your digital platform so that there is no hurdle for a potential client to contact you. Moreover, it also establishes a feeling of trust for the client if you provide them all the details upfront.   

2. Keywords for SEO 

Digital media is a powerful place to attract new clients. As there is a lot of competition due to several cleaning services available online, you must work hard on your SEO to rank better on a search engine.   There are multiple tactics that you must apply for a better ranking, such as on-page SEO and off-page optimization.

 Similarly, you must also choose a keyword strategy that is most appropriate for your business. Keyword strategy helps your company appear in your customer's online search by focusing on relevant keywords that are specific to your niche.   Keywords are the words that the audience enters in search engines when they need a certain service or an answer to their query. 

Businesses must include industry-specific keywords in your content to ensure that the customer finds your business. You may also include a geographic location to be as specific as you can.   For example, a cleaning business based in Epsom, UK, uses the following keywords to maximize traffic: 

· Carpet Cleaning Epsom.

 · Carpet Cleaning Services in Epsom, etc. 

It is standard practice to include your primary keyword in your business description, Title tag, Meta description, and web page content to provide the most relevant results to the clients. 

3. Strategize Your Digital Marketing Plan

Strategize Your Digital Marketing Plan

It is also crucial that rather than jumping in the bandwagon of digital marketing, you first do thorough research and strategize your digital marketing. Strategy can make things easier for you and can also give guidance towards the steps and actions you need to apply.

 For a marketing strategy, you must be clear about

 · Your goals  

· Which platforms to use 

 · Organic/ inorganic reach  

· Outcomes  

Being clear about your goals can help you make an action plan for what it requires, which can further direct your steps about whether to go for giveaways, paid ads, guest posting, etc. Some businesses use digital marketing just for brand recognition, while others are concerned about the conversion rate and hence increase in sales and profit. You must be clear about your goals and ambitions.  

4. Online Reviews and Feedback 

In the age of the internet, everything is transparent, and the client is much smarter than before. 90% of the purchases done online are based on reviews and feedback through other clients. Whenever a new client hears about your business, they would want to read other's experience with your business.  

Make sure to get reviews from your loyal customers and use those reviews to gain the trust of other clients. Offers such as "refer a friend and get 10% off" will get you to attract people based on previous clients. It is mandatory in digital marketing to have solid reviews to gain the trust of new and potential clients.

 Let's have a look at a few stats for better understanding:   · 90% of the people read online reviews before any purchase · 88% of people trust online reviews  · 31% of the people tend to buy products/ avail services that are under the "excellent" category · 72% of people believe online reviews make them trust the brand even more · 73% of people take action after reading good reviews    

5. Customer Service 

Another essential aspect of digital marketing is to have excellent customer service. It is essential to provide a seamless experience to your customer whenever they contact you. When a client calls or drops in a query, your representatives must readily answer them and guide them through the procedures. 

Multiple chat-bots and other systems have automated this service to make it easier for your clients to contact you. For example, with the help of these bots, you can automate the frequently asked questions for the ease of your clients and your team. 

Moreover, the use of tools such as WhatsApp Business and Facebook official pages can also help you in your digital marketing effectiveness. 

 · Customer service reflects your brand image, goals and aspirations

 · Good customer service leads to happy clients 

 · Good customer service can gain loyalty 

 · Customer reference increases because of good customer service  


All in all, these were a few tips and tricks that you can use to up your digital marketing game and work on effective marketing using digital platforms. It is the perfect time to focus more on digital platforms as the world is relying on online services more than ever. What works for your business? Do share your most preferred digital marketing tactics with us!    

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