Webroot SecureAnywhere on a Windows PC

  The probability that you now own SecureAnywhere has introduced and purchased another membership, click here to determine the most skillful procedure to initialize the second code.

Before you start: 

Make sure your computer meets the frame requirements. Read the license agreement on. Make sure your computer is connected to the network.

Remember to have an access code. Your code is a string of 20 alphanumeric characters that come to your email address or are listed in the box. It is unique and keeps the information about your membership. If you have obtained a multi-client license, you can use the same access code to present the product to a maximum of five or three computers.

The code is explicitly attached to Webroot SecureAnywhere key code and does not exclude any information identified with the PC or its own arrangement. Webroot uses code in almost no way to track a single use of its own elements.

You probably don't have an access code, click here to receive it by email. If you do not have a Best Buy access code. Remember to refer to membership programming via Best Buy. For instructions, click here.  An institution exchange opens where you can click the link to get started. With a low probability that the institution's stock market will not open, use Windows Explorer to search for the CD, and then double-tap the item establishment record.

After downloading the document, double-click to start the establishment process. After downloading the file, double click to start the institution's procedure.

At the stage when the discourse of the Webroot installer opens, enter the access code as part of the specialization. (In the absence of a chance that your code got in the email, you can change the order of the code in this topic.) If you do not have the most vague idea where you can find your code, click Let me find my code.

To enter Webroot SecureAnywhere:

If desired, you can click Configuration Options at the bottom of this discourse to change the appropriate settings:

Change the area of ​​the institution - in this topic, you can enter another envelope in the SecureAnywhere plant files.

Create an alternative path to Webroot in the workplace - this option places a simple route emblem on the Windows desktop to get Webroot SecureAnywhere.

Protect Webroot documents, processes and memory from change - this option increases confidence, as well as CAPTCHA, prompts (CAPTCHA expects someone to look at the distorted message on the display and enter the material in the field before performing basic tasks).

Change terminology - To change the language disclosed in SecureAnywhere, click the Change language patch and select the saved dialects. (You can simply change the language revealed during the institution, not then.)

Press Close when you finish changing these options. On the main installation exchange, click I Agree and Install to create an institution. SecureAnywhere begins designing and checking the program.

When SecureAnywhere recognizes threats by trying, it moves what isolates their left arm and may not harm your frame or seek advice. For more information, see Running results and Handling items that are isolated.  

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