Remember These Things Before Conducting a Market Research Philippines


Market research is one of the most important components in an information management system which does information collection and analysis about consumers’ behavior, motivation, demands, and other related things.

Here are some of the components commonly found in market researches, including market research Philippines.

 Important Things to Consider During a Market Research

 1. Motivation

Motivation emerges because there is a need that needs to be fulfilled. Motivation becomes the force within an individual’s mind to act and fulfill that need. All individuals have different needs, and this is a chance for marketers to offer their products.

2. Perception

Perception is a process done by an individual to choose, organize, and translate a range of stimuli around them to a complete image in their mind. In market research including market research Philippines, consumers’ perception needs to be considered in order to make a product that meets all expectations.

3. Self-concept

Self-concept is how someone views themselves, which might differ from how other people see them. There are four dimensions in self-concept, namely: how they see themselves, how they want to see themselves, how people see them, and how they want people to see them.

A product needs to be developed by marketers in a way that suits potential consumers’ self-concept. Every individual has their own unique self-concept, but there will always be a common thing between them.

4. Lifestyle

Lifestyle is a pattern that plays part in deciding someone’s way or choice in utilizing their time, money, energy and reflecting values, taste, even choices. The lifestyle that is wanted by someone affects their behavior before deciding what to buy, then it will affect or even change the lifestyle of their lives.

Some important factors that affect someone’s lifestyle are demography, personality, social class, and their daily life. In order to attract the most consumers possible, marketers need to consider the lifestyle of their targeted segment.

5. Psychography

Psychography is a bunch of variables that are used to measure the lifestyle of individuals or groups. Analyses of these variables have helped many marketers is grouping consumers based on certain similarities. This way, marketers will be facilitated to decide which marketing strategy suits consumers.

6. Behavior

It is also essential to know about consumers’ behavior about a certain product, whether it is positive or negative after they evaluate that product. 

The more objects to be evaluated in market research Philippines, there will be more chances to know potential consumers’ behavior. However, it is best to choose the most credible respondents in order to collect reliable data.


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