Important Content Marketing Trends to Consider for 2020

Content marketing remains as one of the most useful and helpful categories of digital marketing as well as that of inbound marketing too. It is helpful to people, it is great value to brands and consumers thanks to authenticity, adaptability and versatility. It works quite well to create an interested audience, helps foster trust, create relationships and increases leads & sales. Of course, any kind of marketing and like the internet and mobile usage in general, content marketing is evolving continuously. The way users find and interact with the content present is always changing too, and hence the best practices and most effective strategies are too. Hence, here are some of the best and important content marketing trends for 2020 that should help inform and guide any business’s/organization’s digital marketing strategies this year, as determined by a top-notch SEO services agency from Richmond Hill, Ontario. 

Content marketing trends 2020

Top content marketing trends for 2020

Optimizing content for searches that are near users

This involves optimizing content for ‘near me’ searches i.e. pizza parlors near me, gyms near me, gas stations near me or an ear doctor near me and the like. This is done through using local SEO methods which is quite important.  Since we are in the mid of 2020 and in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, this has become even more important as optimized searches are increasing at an exponential rate (making money). 

Optimizing content for voice search

This is done through usage of long-tail keywords written the way people speak their search queries. This has become essential today as the time of hands-free searching when people are on the go has arrived now and voice searches are becoming the new normal. 

Promoting video

Video content continues to become popular with consumers and for marketers, this presents an ever more effective format for marketing content. There are loads of ways content marketers can use video for their brands to capitalize on as this is among the most crucial content marketing trends for 2020. 

Small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) using smart recommendation engines

Small and medium size businesses with considerable on-site content libraries are starting to use smart recommendation engines to direct consumers to their latest content in a personalized manner. This can help usher in visitors on their buyer’s journey whilst keeping them in contact with the brand. 

Getting quality backlinks

Content marketers who have been proactive about link building as part of their content marketing strategy should now understand that this is the year to start making real efforts to get quality backlinks leading visitors to their site from other websites having authority. This is a smart and sustainable organic technique to increase the targeted traffic as well as being a major component of SEO itself (making money). 

Podcasts! Podcasts! Podcasts! They’re getting popular

According to Statista, the number of people listening to podcasts has tripled within the previous decade. This number is projected to continue an upward growth as time goes on. But its not like that people are just hooked on to podcasts, it is just that podcasts are engaging them more. As one renowned agency noted, podcast listeners are quite highly likely to complete episodes of their favorite shows. They also have an increased chance of engaging further with the brand in question later on. A renown agency further explained that despite the growing consumer trend of podcast listening, the landscape for it is pretty much wide and open. The internet might joke about everyone having their own podcast nowadays, the truth is that most brands have yet to jump in the podcast bandwagon, at least for now. 

Creating topic-focused content in creating authority

Another way Google’s algorithms have evolved is that they now focus on more than just the quality of a single page when ranking the said page. Google now considers the context of content of any given page within the whole site in a sense that it now assesses the web page’s holistic value as well as the website from an individual searcher’s perspective. For instance, lets consider there are two ultimate guides online explaining rules of soccer. Each may be similar in quality; one is present on a website dedicated solely to sports whereas the other is posted on the fan site of the movie ‘GOAL’ and another is present in the sports section of Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC). They may be ranked for the term ‘rules of soccer’ but one of the latter and the former will outrank the middle one due to the value provided by the actual page.

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