Work Wardrobe: Clothing Staples Every Woman Should Own

 A lot of us can say that they are not fully satisfied with the content of their closets. All of us are looking to add more, but the closet space may be hindering us from doing so. Since it can be inconvenient to add more clothes, it is essential that the clothes you’re adding are essential.

One clothing style that people neglect to improve in their stuffed closets is their professional clothing. Work wardrobe is something that a lot of people wear, and yet few have managed to collect the essential pieces for a professional closet.

If you’re looking to top off the professional clothes you have and are unsure of just which essential professional wear is missing from your closet, then you are in luck. Read on below to find out just what professional clothing staples you should own.

A crisp white tee

A white tee is not something that a lot of people would initially believe is a professional work outfit. However, it definitely is. A crisp white tee isn’t just a professional clothing staple. It is an everything clothing staple.

It can be paired with almost anything, and it can be useful for all occasions in the workplace. From Casual Friday outfits to stylish professional meetings, a white tee is a great canvas to work and pair with other professional clothing staples.

If you still don’t have on yet, then this should definitely be one of the first things you purchase to complete your work wardrobe. It makes it easier for you to figure out what to wear on the day of because it can go well with a lot of things.

Button-down shirts

If you want to look sleek and professional, a solid button-down shirt is the clothing staple to get. Button-down shirts provide a smooth and elegant silhouette and add a formality to any outfit piece you so choose.

Button-down and button-up shirts, if you were wondering, are essentially the same except button-down shirts have buttons on the collar so that you can button them in place whereas the button-up shirts don’t.

Overall, whichever version you buy, both will be a good addition to your wardrobe. Just be conscious of which colors you pair with your button-down and which trousers or skirt you pair with it.

Well-cut dresses

Well-cut dresses are a great addition to your work wardrobe because of a couple of reasons. Firstly, if you are running out of ideas on what to wear for work, then throwing on a well-cut dress is an easy solution.

Aside from that, even if you feel like you have just randomly thrown in an outfit, to others, it will not look that way. Instead, you will look feminine and polished and ready to take on the workday.

Plus, if there is a special occasion going on in the office, you can throw on a streamlined dress and a good pair of pumps, and you are good to go.

A well-made blazer

Nothing says professional than a blazer. However, it is crucial that you know your fit and the fit and shape of your blazer. It is all too easy to look drabby and dull when wearing a blazer, so it is essential that you consider size.

Although loose blazers can make people think that you have bought the wrong size, this may be because you have paired it with the wrong outfit. Don’t wear loose blazers with flowy items like dresses or a flowy top.

You can play around with blazers so long as you know how to balance an outfit. Just make sure to consider the bust, the buttons, the lapels, the blazer’s length, your shoulder measurements, and the sleeves.

Classic trench coat

The classic trench coat makes everyone look professional and cool at the drop of a hat. Depending on the trench coat style, make sure to match what you’re wearing underneath to the trench coat.

If you are wearing a more casual trench coat, try not to wear it with a more formal dress as the clash can be too noticeable and distracting. A simple and sleek outfit is excellent when paired with a trench coat.

A pair of great trousers

Great trousers are not a dime a dozen. Out of all of the pair of trousers or pants you own, you most likely only have one or two (or three, if you’re blessed) that look good while also staying comfortable.

A great pair of trousers like Robell Trousers can go a long way, especially in a professional setting. If you don’t know which color to choose, then go dark colors all the way as these match any body type very well. 

Comfy and flattering denim jeans

Denim jeans are also not usually anybody’s idea of a professional clothing staple. However, it can be one if you know how to wear it. Just pair it with a good pair of heels and a blazer, and you will be good to go.

Again, use darker colors for a more professional look. With this, jeans can be comfortable and professional too.

Sharp pencil skirts

Last but not least, pencil skirts. These are definitely a work wardrobe staple for any woman out there. When pairing tops with pencil skirts, always consider the fit and the length of the skirt.

Preferably, the right length of the pencil skirt should be somewhere around the knee area. Not too long that it makes you look shabby, and not too short that it significantly reduces the look from appearing professional.

In conclusion

There are a lot of clothing staples covered in this article. However, if you own all of these pieces in your wardrobe, then you are good to go. No workday for you will be unfashionable when you’ve got all of these pieces in your closet.

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