5 SEO Trends That Will Keep You Ahead Of The Competition

How will the SEO landscape change this 2019? 

Which trends will rise on top, and which ones will die out? 

Since SEO is always in motion, it’s rapidly changing up to the point that it becomes challenging to keep up with everything. 

But once you get the hang of it, all you need to have is to come up with a powerful tactic to outdo your competitors at their game. To stand out from the rest of the pack, SEO is crucial. 

In this post, we'll talk about the five SEO trends that will help you achieve your goals:

 1. Seamless User Experience 

User experience is all about focusing on the visitor. 

With everything that you do, you have to keep the user in mind. You might do certain things for search engines, but search engines also impose them because they have learned over time what users want. 

So for that reason, user experience plays a crucial role in improving your SEO. 

Here are a couple of OnPage optimization tactics that you need to consider:

Loading speed: By utilizing various tools like PageSpeed tool from Google, you can check the loading times of your web pages. A slow loading site causes users to bounce, and this can significantly affect your conversion rates. 

Technically flawless websites: Users these days have incredibly high standards. Therefore, your goal is for them to rely on your site's valuable pages. 

Mobile optimization: More than half of the total search queries now come from smartphones, tablets, and other devices. That's why it's crucial that you meet this need. 

2. Voice Search Revolution 

Voice search is growing in popularity, at a rapid rate. By 2021, experts even predict that approximately 50 percent of searches are voice searches. 

While it's true that SEO and search engines are rapidly evolving, voice search usage is one of its most significant changes to date. However, it's something entirely different and would need a different optimization strategy. 

For instance, voice searches tend to be longer than the searches that are entered through a keyboard. So for your SEO, focus on finding and utilizing keywords that are approximately seven-to-nine-words that people tend to use on conversations. Note that these keywords often contains a question.

3. Video Optimization 

Approximately  87 percent of users prefer videos. So is your video content well-optimized? It's true that videos have a way of delivering content and connecting with the audience that words can't.  

But how do you see to it that your videos are driving the most engagement? Well, the key here is video optimization. You can optimize videos through: 

  • The channel name
  • The channel description
  • Using channel keywords

4. Produce High-Quality Content

In the early days of the internet, it's okay to churn out any content. Then, once you publish your content on the web, bots find and index your pages, sending a signal to search engines that your website could have valuable content for your users. 

But it's already 2019, and a lot of changes made ever since. Producing high-quality content can lead to high Google rankings. But what do you exactly mean by high-quality?

At the very core, content is for users. So when people search, they expect that they'll come across something that 100% satisfies their needs, and answers all their questions.

Therefore, when you understand what your target audience's search intent is, you can create a piece of content that exactly meets that standard. 

Usually, the ones that rank on the top of search results are those that are best in getting into their target audience's mindset. 

5. Mobile-First Indexing 

Back in 2016, mobile optimization first introduced as a ranking factor. Then when 2017 rolled in, it improved its mobile update and boosted its mobile pages. 

But it was only until 2018 where “Mobile First Index" was finally implemented. 

For the past two years, Google has increasingly shifted its focus on mobile. That isn't so surprising anymore since a lot of users are now mobile internet users. 

Also, when it comes to web searches, the number of mobile users already exceeded desktop users. 

So, if you haven't optimized your site yet for mobile devices, then you should do so this 2019. 

In Summary

There are a lot of changes that are happening in the digital world right now, especially when it comes to SEO. Although it can be pretty much exciting, it can be scary at the same time. 

While it's not clear what can the future will bring, what we know for sure is that a lot of emerging and older technologies are making a significant difference to SEO.

So, by understanding these trends at heart, you'll put your site on the cutting edge of SEO this year. 

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