Are you Searching for the Best Medical firm to treat Lung Disorders?

If you are searching for the best Clinic to treat and cure lung-related disorders, let us suggest Sabari Health care clinic. This firm located in Velachery provides treatment to cure health-related disorders

Dr.Sabarinath Ravi Chandar, the Best pulmonologist in Chennai

Pulmonologist in chennai

Dr.sabarinath Ravichandar, the Best Pulmonologist in Chennai with his experience provides the adequate treatment and this is the reason why many of them choose this firm. Immediate response and friendly approach to the patients play the role. Now, if you need any emergency medical care, do not wait further. Contact the Physician at the earliest. On the positive side, the treatment procedures are cost-effective and hence we recommend this Clinic. Now as the Corona pandemic is spreading rapidly, it’s important to be aware and care your health to prevent the spread

What are the Treatment Procedures Available?

  • We are offering treatment to cure lung-related disorders such as Asthma, Bronchitis, Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, Tobacco infections, Blocked airways, Tuberculosis, Allergy, Sinus and  much more

Available TreatmentProcedures to Cure Lung Diseases 

  • Pleural Tapping - The procedure to remove excessive fluid inside the pleural or lung cavity
  • ICD insertion
  • Bronchoscopy- Using a bronchoscope or other medical equipment, the physicians diagnose the lungs and the airways
  • Thoracoscopy – Medical procedure to check the internal organs , include biopsy
  • Also performs PFT- The lung function test to measure the breathing capacity

Why to choose Sabari Lung care Clinic?

  • Excellent diagnosis
  • Effective treatment and medical facilities offered
  • It's good that weekly free PFT and Physiotherapy procedures are performed 

Do not delay to contact our Physician, if you have any symptoms of Lung related disorders. Besides, visit our website portal to know more and collect the contact number

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