There are many pbs shows Want to know more about Science watch Nova series on PBS. Broadcasting the he best shows in US, PBS has taken up Nova series also.

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  • As already mentioned, PBS telecasts this Nova show that has been scoring largely in the science domain  
  • The episodes in this show help even the kids understand what they are trying to show  
  • Nova has successfully completed 45 seasons and the 46th season is now on in the PBS on Roku device  
  • There are also upcoming seasons of Nova  
  • The original telecasting was in Austrian broadcaster ORF during 1998  
  • Nova was first co-produced with the Australian Broadcasting Corp 


This page will tell you about the episodes of this season of Nova and from the episode title you will be able to understand the episodes in a better way

  • Pluto and beyond  
  • Einstein’s Quantum Riddle  
  • Kilauea: Hawaii on Fire  
  • Decoding the Great Pyramid  
  • Rise of the Rockets  
  • The Next Pompeii  
  • Saving the Dead Sea  
  • Inside the Megafire  
  • First Horse Warriors  
  • Lost Viking Army  
  • Back to the Moon 

The last 4 episodes are fully about the planets in the solar system  

  • Inner Worlds of the planets  
  • Mars  
  • Jupiter  
  • Saturn  
  • The Planets: Ice Worlds 

Enjoy watching these episodes of Nova only on PBS which is available on Roku. The upcoming seasons of Nova are going to cover you with their facts on science. For further doubts about Nova or the Roku or PBS, reach out to customer care team @ +1-844-879-5200 toll-free number.  Visit website to know more

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