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Roku Tips and Tricks you need to know -

  • If you are a Roku device user & do not know how to proceed with streaming, let us suggest you 10 Roku Tips and Tricks you need to know. 
  • Use the tips & the process of streaming now becomes an easy task
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Use a compatible Roku remote

  • Try to use compatible Roku remote to make all your selections & there exist Roku remote models to use with Roku. 
  • You can also try using Universal Roku remote
  • Suggest you to use Roku remote apps to turn your mobile device to a Roku remote app

Private listening mode

If you would like to listen to your favorite music beats, there exist private listening mode to listen to the music that you love 

Parental controls

  • To use the device safe & secure, there exist parental control settings and you just need to do is set the Roku account Pin. 
  • It’s the settings > Parental controls where you can find parental control options 

Screen mirroring feature

  • Mirror your device screen to Roku TV and you just need to do is to enable Screen mirroring feature .
  • Tap on the respective settings to enable it. Click on the option, Settings > Screen saver 

Screen saver

Customize your device screen saver to personalise your device display screen & suggest you to navigate to settings > Screen saver 

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