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The walking dead season 10 - Sling TV Roku

  • One of the greatest horror television series which is telecasted on the AMC, the expectations have soared up and the hype for the series is too today. 
  • Recently, the team released a 4 minute trailer showcasing some bloody sequences and the series has triggered the senses of fans. 
  • Starring Norman Reedus and Danai Gurira, this series has been a revelation to the series freaks and all the zombie thriller lovers. 
  • With much more action and more agony, the walking dead season 10 is the perfect treat for all those who would love to watch prime time series.
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The scenario so far

  • Commencing with the character Rick grimes, the story revolves around the zombie infected city. 
  • He now befriends Morgan wife in search for his beloved wife and children.
  •  With a crystal clear cinematography, the screenplay is really well balanced indicating a significance between the humans and zombies.
  •   A particular character named Nelson is the main antagonist and the portrayal of the character was really terrifying and ruthless. 
  • Finally we move onto the next threat called as "The whisperer".
  • So stop waiting and start watching the walking dead season 10 to get a taste of how a series should be made!!

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