Creating Patches with Your Embroidery Machine

Who does not get pleasure from patches? From our time period in Scouts, a number of the primary things we frequently collect area unit patches. benefit badges, rock bands we tend to love, or simply way-out patches area unit a number of the foremost fun things we've to decorate up a shirt, a bag, or the rear pocket of a try of well-favored jeans.  

 If you are lucky enough to possess associate embroidery machine, you've got in all probability already discovered your machine will do patches. And albeit you've got ne'er created one, chances are high that pretty sensible that you simply grasp for a reality your machine will bonk.  

 This article can provide you with the fundamentals, a way to build a patch, materials that may be used, and ideas for mistreatment your new patches and the way to cost them if you sell them on-line or at native shows.

  Get Ready to Patch 

First thing is cloth. i prefer to use cotton canvas, or duck, however most frequently, my custom patches area unit done on plain recent felt. i exploit Kunin Eco-fi most of the time, however I additionally get pleasure from felt from Commonwealth Felt. Real wool felt typically offers a depth of color that not even the deep Eco-fi colours have.  

  Don't be scared of wild color decisions, customers for my Etsy look typically request from me for neons, or wild calico prints. There are several written felts that may become a part of the patch style with a touch fussy cutting.  Next, you'll have some water soluble stabilizer or "WSS". 

If you've got browse my article on creating lace, I discuss WSS there, and here i am going to simply counsel one complete, Fabri-Solvy. you'll be able to additionally use a tearaway, or perhaps cutaway stabilizer, however bear in mind, not like the water soluble stabilizer, it'll be left on the rear of the patch.

  Fresh needle. I've found that patches, with all their textile sewing, and probing rough felt will deal with pretty quick. thus take the time to vary your needle. you must be ever-changing your needle a minimum of weekly or each twenty comes reckoning on however sew serious they're.  

If you're reaching to attach the patch to your own article of clothing and not sell it, I counsel Patch Attach, a special glue that's nice for grabbing all those threads on the rear of a patch, while not inflicting the material to eventually break down. Otherwise, a hand needle and a few durable matching thread is simply fine.  Patch style. 

Either one you created yourself mistreatment your computer code, or one from the numerous patch designers out there. those during this article area unit from, you guessed it, Urban Threads. My Pinterest board could provide you with some sources additionally. Patch creating is presently not an enormous hobby among home embroiders, hopefully this text can provide amateur and designers each the will to make a lot of fantastic patch styles  

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