Big PlayStation 4 Update 7.00: Many new features released for the PS4

The firmware update 7.00 for the PlayStation 4 is here and brings some new features. We'll tell you what new features the update has in store. In the video you can see what we hope for from the PlayStation 5.

The next major system update for the PlayStation 4 is available for download. Already on October 8, the Sony console was supplied with the new firmware. With the version number 7.00 also some new functions are available for download. You can also get rapid-fire mods from for your PS4 console.

In addition to new features, the old features are improved and developed. Two major changes stand out from the crowd. It starts with a party feature update that lets you join groups of other PS4 players. Their size is raised with the update from eight to 16 users.

In addition, network connections and audio quality have been improved to meet the now larger number of users. In addition, there is a text-to-speech function in the USA that we unfortunately still have to do without.

New party sizes and Remote Play with 7:00 on the PS4

Continue with the remote play feature on the PS4. So far, this was only possible for iOS users in full. With firmware 7.00 all Android devices with Android 5.0 or higher are able to use all features.

In the future, the PS4 controllers can be paired with the "Remote Play" app via Bluetooth. On iOS and Android devices, you can also gamble away from the big screen with the right input device.

As always, the update is available for free download. Here on CHIP you will find the download for PS4 firmware 7.00, of course, too. Otherwise, when the PlayStation 4 starts, it will automatically be added to the Downloader. For the installation then a restart of the console is necessary, which you are informed in time.

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