Tips for Buying Brand New Speakers

  Buying speakers can be a tough thing to do, especially if you’ve never done it before. Most people don’t even know where and even what to start looking for. Reading all the different types of speakers available and their technical specifications is enough to give you a headache. To top it all off, there are so many brands to choose from.  So why go through all the trouble? Well, it might be type to upgrade or replace your old pair of speakers. You may simply wish for better audio quality to enhance your movie viewing and music listening experiences. If you work in music production or mixing, you may want to buy a newer set of speakers so that you can provide a better service to your clients. Whatever the reason, you’ll probably have to buy a new pair of speakers at one point or other in your life.  We’re here to help. That’s why we’re giving you some tips that’ll help make the speaker-buying process so much easier.  

Determine What Is Right for You

There are many types of speakers to choose from and the best way to avoid option paralysis is to focus on what your needs are. Are you setting up a home theatre system? Are you a bedroom musician? Do you just want to listen to music? Different types fit different scenarios. However, for most cases, a nice pair of bookshelf speakers like the ones from Martin Logan Audio should do the trick.  Wired or wireless? If portability is a big concern for you, then wireless speakers are the best option. However, if you are an audio purist and don’t want to compromise on sound quality no matter what, we recommend going with a wired pair. For home theatre systems, you’ll need a few multichannel floor-standing speakers and a subwoofer in order to experience a glorious movie watching experience. If you want the ultimate in audio quality for your home cinema, no other type of speakers will do.  

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Determine Your Budget

Before you fantasize about having the best speakers, consider whether you can afford it. High end speakers are expensive and usually cost thousands of dollars. For professional musicians and sound engineers this may be a worthy investment, however if you’re needs are more casual, we recommend that you don’t overspend.  On the other hand, don’t cheap out either. You won’t save money by purchasing low quality speakers when you have to keep replacing them often.  

Consider the Size

Where will you be placing your speakers? If you they’re going to accompany a PC then they should be small enough to be placed on your desk. Similarly, if you’re setting up a home theatre system, consider whether you have enough space to accommodate large speakers.  

Test Before You Buy

While it can be tempting to just shop for speakers online, we highly recommend that you visit a store and test them out beforehand. While online reviews can give you some idea, you won’t know for sure until you listen for yourself.  In conclusion, shopping for new speakers is often a tiresome task. These tips will definitely help make the experience less painful.   

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