Gives Expert Tips on Choosing A Professional Cricket Bats Manufacturers Australia

Choosing a perfect cricket bat is challenging than you think. Almost every bat looks the same which makes it even tougher. You browse in your nearby stores and see there are various sizes of cricket bat lined up, making your buying decisions confusing. Don’t you think it will be amazing if there will be someone right to guide you through this. Cricket bat manufacturers Australia offers some amazing tips to consider when you are choosing your cricket bat.

The size of the cricket bat

When you are choosing a cricket bat, the first thing is to check is the right size. Choosing the right size completely depends on the person’s height. The bat is divided into 2 parts i.e. one is blade and the other is handle. Sizes of both these parts vary as per the height of the player.

Leather ball or tennis ball

Once you have figure out the size, the next part to determine is to know what kind of cricket ball you will play – leather ball or a tennis ball. The bats to play with leather cricket ball have a different make. The cricket bat is made to sustain the weight of the leather ball which is too heavy compared to tennis ball.

The shape of the handle

A beginner will never know that there are two types of handle i.e. oval and round shaped. The oval shaped handle helps the bat from spinning in the hands. It gives a good grip. Whereas a round handle is suitable for the one who uses their bottom hand and requires hitting the ball hard.

The weight of the bat

This depends on the player with how much weight he/she is comfortable while playing. The English willow Cricket Bats Manufacturers Australia is lighter in weight and Kashmir willow is thicker and heavier, so experts suggest trying a thicker cricket bat.

Apart from the above mentioned there are things to consider such as bat grade and its appearance, profile of the bat, sweet spot on the cricket bat, number of grains on the cricket bat, and quality of willow.  Cricket bats manufacturers also deals in netball, rugby ball, Soccer Bibs Australia. For more details visit the website.

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