How to make Thousands of Dollars from Second-hand DVDs

 It's 2019, which means you don't watch movies or listen to music like you used to. Instead of listening to songs from a boombox, you have iTunes and Spotify. And between YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Instant and Google Play, you can't remember the last time you opened a DVD box. Still, you probably need to the mountain of old and CDs somewhere in your closet. So what should you do with them? Do you keep them? Sell ​​them? Store them? Recycle them? Let us help you to decide. 

What makes DVDs valuable? 

Two factors combine to make a particular DVD valuable: demand and rarity. The demand is usually driven by the popularity or notoriety of a movie, a television show or a franchise: the content of the DVD. Unique packaging, special features and bonuses, and complete series collections can increase the demand for DVDs. Many collectors look for DVDs as secondary elements of a first collection. They are not DVD collectors, per se, but collectors of a franchise or genre. For example, a buyer might be interested in a specific Star Wars DVD to add to their Star Wars collection. DVDs become rare as they run out or due to limited releases. The original editions of the removed DVDs are rare. Geography can also play a role; A title released in one region may be rarer than the same title released in another. A DVD can also be rare if it is autographed or inscribed by an actor, director or subject of a character. To be valuable, DVDs must be rare and highly demanded. For example, a DVD may be weird, but if there is no demand, it will not be valuable. Similarly, a DVD may be in great demand, but if it is not rare, it will not be valuable. 

As demand increases and rarity, so does value. 

How much are your DVDs worth? 

We have covered the reasons why a given DVD could be more valuable than average; Now is the time to find out how much your DVDs are worth. 

Here are three ways to determine DVD values:  


Check eBay recently sold listings. Compare several sales to see how much your DVDs have recently sold. Be sure to compare apples with apples: edition, year, region, condition, etc. This is what the private market is willing to pay for your DVDs, and it is an excellent way to measure your values. 

Check online used DVD stores 

Visit used DVD stores online to see price tags for used editions, which offer a good idea of ​​value. 

Search and ask in forums 

Search and ask in forums dedicated to DVDs, movie memories or collectors. Some have robust communities of enthusiasts that will help you determine the value of your DVDs. 

How to sell DVDs

Look at places to sell dvds for cash It may be hard to believe in 2019, there is still money to win with CD and DVD. Take Declutter According to Fast Company, the company has raised several million dollars, and it does so with a simple promise: buy any old CD, DVD or video game you send. Declutter even pays shipping costs. Or you could sponsor Amazon Trade-In. Simply send your used discs and you will receive a gift card in return. The shipment is covered, receives an immediate offer and no formal registration or listing is required. SecondSpin and CashForCDs offer similar services. But if you don't like the price quotes you get online, you can sell locally at record stores. Or you can try selling your used DVDs and CDs (and other things you don't want in your home) in the new Facebook Marketplace.  

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