Don't forget to celebrate

Working in a product department where all teams have tough deadlines and high expectations on them it is easy to get stuck in your own little bubble.

With getting stuck I mean being to focused on the projects you are working on, forgetting and ignoring the world around you and what is happening in it. And in some of the worst cases, getting in to that bubble makes you forget that all team members are individuals, not only frontenders and backenders.

One way to avoid this is to plan in parties in your backlog. After been crunching a bunch of cards in the backlog there is nothing more refreshing than popping a bottle of champagne.

But what happens if the party card pops up in the morning? 

Then you drink champagne in the morning, you wouldn't skip any other card would you? And one bottle on a whole team is only good for production according to some guys sitting on the old wooden benches I pass walking to work.

A party card pops up just before lunch!

It doesn't always have to be alcohol. It also works with cake, cookies or tequila. A party is always a party and at a party all people are people no matter what party they vote for.

So next time you plan your sprint, don't forget the party cards, it will lift team spirit when the focus is on the champagne bubbles instead of inside the sprint bubble.

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