Solution of Brother Printer Offline Windows 10

If your Brother Printer Offline Windows 10, it's possibly a setup issue. Normally, Brother printers show offline status due to the outdated setup of your Computer. It could also be a software bug that doesn't match the configuration settings, or maybe your WiFi network isn't strong enough.

Reasons for Brother Printer Offline Windows 10:-

Thinking about why Brother Printer Offline Windows 10 laptop or desktop, there may be some relevant factors.

  1. There is a connectivity distance between the Brother printer and the 10 pc pane.
  1. The issue with printer settings.
  1. The driver's settings problem.
  1. Machine Firewall / Antivirus Protection Issue.

There are fundamental reasons that Brother Print keeps going offline. Now let's go ahead and solve the dilemma.

Brother printer offline windows 10

Solution's of Brother printer offline windows 10

Checking your Brother Printer Hardware:-

  • Obvious as it may seem, first you need to ensure that the printer is on, most models will have some sort of light to notify you of this
  • If you are using a wired Brother printer, ensure the printer cable is properly connected to the PC. You should check the connections at both ends to ensure they are firmly seated and check the cable itself for any damage
  • If you are using a wireless printer, ensure it is connected to the network. You can check the wireless connection of your Brother printer by running the printer’s wireless connectivity test. Follow the steps below to get the printer status/connection report
  • Enter Setup Mode
  • Select Network Settings
  • Select Confirm Network Settings
  • Confirm the connection status
  • Take a note of the IP address of the Brother printer (which means it is connected)
  • If you want to print the status report, press Start. Your Brother printer will now print the Brother Printer status page. Brother Printer offline windows 10

Printer Software Updates

Now that you have confirmed your printer connection, you need to check if you have installed the updated printer software. To check your printer software follow the troubleshooting steps set out below:
Solution 1 — Disable the anti-virus software:-

  • Look for an antivirus icon in the Windows notification area
  • Right-click on the icon and check for options such as Stop, Disable, or something similar
  • If you don’t find any such option, open the antivirus program and look for the option to disable or stop the security software. Brother Printer support

Solution 2 — Make printer your default printer:-

  • Click Start
  • Click Control Panel
  • Click Devices and Printers
  • Right-click Brother printer in the list
  • Click Set as default printer

Solution 3 —  Update Windows KB3147458

  • Microsoft has released an update to resolve Brother printer problems faced by users. This particular update prevents many wireless printers from going offline. Check your computer to see if it has the KB3147458 update installed by following steps set out below:
  • Go to desktop and type windows update in the search box
  • Click on search for an update in the list
  • In the Update & Security window, select Windows Update and click on Advanced option
  • In the Advanced options window, select view your update history
  • You will now see the updates installed, look for KB3147458 in the list
  • If you don’t find KB3147458 on the list, go to and search for Windows Update KB3147458, download and install it. Restart your computer after installing the update and see if the issue persists
  • If the KB3147458 update is installed, uninstall and reinstall your Brother Printer again.

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