What is happening in the old library?

Even at a distance, we are close

A small team is working very hard in the old library at the Mynewsdesk head quarters in Stockholm, to launch the new product Poptype. Our team is defined by high engagement and lively discussions.

The development of Poptype started a year ago, but our team took on full responsibility for the whole product in October, and since that day we have had so much fun. It's awesome to go to work every day.

Why we are developing Poptype

Mynewsdesk today has a product, a digital PR plattform, used by
60 000 users in 81 countries. The product is very appreciated by our customers. But we felt we wanted to offer something for smaller companies, that can not afford our current product, and believe in reaching out directly to their target group. 

It's hard to be seen and heard in a noisy world

What will Poptype solve

We know it's very difficult to be heard and seen in today's noisy world, especially for the small players who don't have a big marketing budget. Consumers are tired of ads that interrupt them but at the same time, stories have never been shared as much as they are today. To be seen, companies need to provide value to their consumers, create interest and engage. By doing that, small companies have the same chance to be heard as large ones.  

Tell personal, engaging stories and give value to your readers

How Poptype solves it

We believe in storytelling, in creating engaging and personal stories. Share them with your current audience and let them help you reach further. The strength of Poptype is to give insights based on data. We help writers to understand which of their stories create engagement, who their readers are and to identify interesting influencers. 

Do you also want to write and share stories?

With Poptype it is easy to create beautiful stories and share them to your social networks.