Two new awesome updates: CTA and improved editor

Easier to write stories from your phone

Have you ever created a story which intention is for the readers to take an action? For instance, written a blog post with a link to another site?

With our improved editor and the new feature Call To Action (CTA) it's even easier to create a story that encourages your readers to take an action.


On landing pages and websites it's common to use CTA buttons, but we haven't seen any other publishing tool that allows the writers to add one for the longer story format. We want to help both writers and readers to reach their goals and have therefor built the option to add a button at the end of a story where the user can follow up and take an action based on what they just read about.

Improved editor

It should be easy to create stories the way you want them to look. You should be able to create a good looking story from both your desktop, as well as your mobile phone. With our improved editor it is now easier to add text, images and videos wherever you want! It's also much easier to create your story on the go from your phone.

Do you also want to write and share stories?

With Poptype it is easy to create beautiful stories and share them to your social networks.