The outcome of our digital detox

"5 out of 5"

Was it going to be easy or difficult to not check the mobile phones during a whole day? Could we work without being connected? How many times were we going take up the phones by habit and would we miss not being connected? Here is the story how our team managed a day without Internet. 

We decided to meet at Björkhagen at 9 and hike the first part of the Sörmland trail.  To not being connected requires some planning that we don't normally do in advance. Jocke prepared his trip and looked at maps and timetables before he went. For me and David it started bad directly, David was on the wrong train and I, that always check Google maps to know if I'm on the right track ended up at Bagarmossen instead of Björkhagen when I walked to meet the team.

We passed the Sanda spring. David filled his water bottle and Jocke took a sip of with what many say is the best water in Stockholm.
André and Joel. Joel with his new baby - Fuji x100t
I was like Tarzan in the woods not thinking about anything digital at all

After a couple of hours hiking we came to Hellasgården where we had lunch. After lunch we started our workshop, sitting next to the water. We discussed our value proposition, architecture and our coming update of our website. 

Talked about our value proposition, "Turn social to email".

How did we like the day

Even André, who was not too excited to go hiking, thought it was pretty nice to have team discussions without being distracted by computers and mobile phones. Jocke said he really enjoyed a day in the nature, listening to the birds, just talking to each other without looking at the phones and computers all the time. He also enjoyed simple things as just reading a paper and looking at people at the train instead of just browsing the phone. Joel said spontaneously that we should do it every week and gave the day 5 out 5. None of us felt we were missing being connected. 


Did we cheat

Many had the phones on flight mode and by habit looked at the phone several of times during the day. Maybe not to keep up with social media but rather we are so used to make time pass as soon as there is a micro moment of nothing happening. Joel managed a couple of hours before he gave up but he was much more active taking photos with his new camera than checking his phone. I think all of all wanted to take pictures and share to social but we know that Alex definitely cheated since he had a post on Instagram posted during the day. 

Written by Hanna, Product Owner Poptype

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