Take control over your day

Don't let other set the agenda for you. Instead of checking Slack or email first thing in the morning, ask yourself which three things your want to achieve over the day. Today at A house Dr Jason Fox talked about Making clever happen

Effectiveness can be a delusion of progress. Humans like to see progress of their work and sometimes we are fooled to think that we do meaningful work just because we are busy. By setting goals you can became narrow-sighted and miss opportunities.

Startups think in new ways but as a company mature it is easy to fall back to, what Dr Fox call, default thinking. We do quick fixes, convenient solutions and familiar plans. Gone is our creativity, curiosity and empathy. Left is irrelevance. 

To avoid delusional progress and get meaningful progress create morning rituals where you take control of your time. 

1. Think about three things you want to achieve during the day. 

2. Plan three projects you want to do the coming quarter and see them as experiments that will teach you new things. There are no mistakes, just hypothesis you can reject. 

3. Decide a word that will guide you in your decisions.

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