Sustainability - keyword when building tomorrow's cities

Dome of Vision invites to conversations around a sustainable future.

If we want to live in cities and drink fresh water from our taps in the future, we need to start think different, be innovative and work together from different disciplines. 

We at Poptype are curious to know more about people or projects that sparkle positive change and decided to visit Dome of Vision to learn more about the project. 

The temporary building is a meeting place that invite people to conversations how we can build sustainable societies. Since it opened in September 2015, it have had over 40 000 visitors and arranged 300 seminars and events on the topics of innovation and sustainability. 

Björn Norberg, curator at Dome of Vision, does not believe in utopia but the importance of working towards sustainability, not only as in ecological but also democratic, economic and social. 

Already today we face challenges that affect how we live. To have fresh water and a home might be things that many Swedes take for granted but the ground water level in Sweden is the lowest we have ever had and Öland already now needs water from the main land. 

Will we grow our food vertically in the future?

The urbanization in Sweden is one of the fastest growing in Europe. The queue for rented housing in Stockholm is so long that it’s being considered by the Guinness Book of World Records. Read more about the problem to find somewhere to live in our earlier story. To be able to offer people that wants to live in Stockholm a home, actions need to be taken. Stockholm is aiming to be the world's smartest city and have set a vision for 2040 to handle the growing population. 

Hopefully the discussions that happens in Dome of vision will result in changes and actions. Keep an eye of their calendar for interesting events. 

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