Learnings from our first campaign

We sent 797 emails and the result was two published stories. The sad result of our first campaign might be worth sharing. 


We have built a new product for brands with a limited budget and want to have users to come onboard and give feedback. We believe that telling engaging stories is the best way for a brand to build and engage an audience, but we also know the difficulty of knowing what to write about. Therefor we created a campaign about "Writer's block". How do you overcome it? By sharing stories we can help each others with tips. 

We gave away our tool for free for everyone that signed up for our beta and to encourage people to test a new tool we also offered a price, 500 pound to boost their story. 


We sent out 797 emails, 20% opened the email and only 1% clicked to sign up. Five people completed the sign up, and two published a story. None published a story about "Writer's block". We have tried to reach the audience we sent the email to for getting a better understanding of what did we do wrong. Only one has answered, he wanted to know what the product would cost after the beta. 

When you have build a product you think is great, you first get sad but looking at average email campaign numbers it looks as we do like most other companies. A bit better open rate for our industry and a bit lower click rate. The best learning for us was to do the campaign, review the number of steps our users have to take, think about good topics and start learning more about marketing. 

What conversion rate do you have for campaigns? Do you know any good tips how we can improve? We love to hear your thoughts. 

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Written by Hanna 

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