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Front Trends 2016 entrance

At Poptype we believe in always improving ourselves and when working in the fast changing Front-end development environment it's very important to be open for new input and learn from others.

Even if you read up on new technologies that pops up around the corner every day it's impossible to have control on all of them. Attending a conference can inspire you to get insights from new people and boost the inspiration needed for your next step in challenging yourself and improving your work. 

We're all different in how we work and how we learn, but for me inspiration is the most important factor when choosing a conference I want to attend. 

After conferences like Nordic.js, Fronteers, JSconf EU  and ReactEurope, I was challenged to find something new that inspires (they are all very great conferences). 

After looking at the previous year and the schedule for the Front Trends conference in Warsaw and the fact that I've never been to Poland before this conference attracted me for the nice spread of web development topics with design, code and leadership combined.

Tim Kadlec on performance

After the first day at Front Trends in Warsaw this is some of the takeaway I want to share.

Front Trend takeaway

  • You can and should use Flexbox
  • Do more Animations
  • Static Site Generators can be really useful
  • Don't plan too much for the future, it will always change
  • Really think about web performance and what you can do
  • A leader should create space in which people can be awesome

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"Performance is the developer's responsibility" - Tim Kadlec

Written by Joakim Olander, Team Lead and Developer at Team Poptype

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