Challenge: Digital detox

The 12th of May it is The Disconnect Day, a day where everyone is encouraged to switch off their phones, tablets and computers. Instead use the day to reflect over their connected behavior. The Poptype team will see if we can take on this challenge and stay away from our devices during a whole day. 

More and more time is spent with our computers and mobile phones and soon there will be more mobile subscriptions than humans. 2018 Sweden will have about 35 million connected devices and according to Ericsson we will worldwide have 28 billion connected devices year 2021. 

At Poptype we love being digital but we are curious to see how long we can stay away from our phones and computers, how frustrated we will be to not check Slack, Facebook, Twitter, Wikipedia, Google maps and if we will get new thoughts when not being online. We will challenge ourselves and try a digital detox during one day. Try to see how long you can switch off, join the challenge! 

Written by Hanna, Product Owner Poptype

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