Best of #WITsthlm2016

Yesterday I attended the Women in Tech conference in Stockholm. The interest to join was huge and the tickets were sold out 10 min after the registration opened. I would like to share what I thought was the best parts.

The speakers -  industry leaders and young entrepreneurs 

It was a unique mixture of industry leaders, like the CEO for Telia Sweden Hélène Barnekow and young entrepreneurs that without thinking started new companies. Inspiring! 

Paulina Söderlund had made a great work to set up the WIT program

Use data to get insights

The data driven CTA Victoria Bastide, and Product Development Manager, Katie Knish from Lifesum kicked off the conference by talking about how they use data to give their users insights on how they can improve their heath. Instead of just talking calories and weight they analyze all the food you eat and see what nutrition you miss and give you tips on meals. They rounded up by giving us a data driven smoothie recipe with ingredients most of their Swedish female users need.

The data driven recipe for smoothies based on data from Lifesum's Swedish female users

A great game needs many heroes

The King game producer Annika Fogelgren said that anyone can produce a game. Here is her recipe: 

  • Name a character that you like in movie and a skill
  • Name a place that you would like to visit and why
  • Name a problem in the world that you would like to solve
  • If you could do anything you wanted, what would it be

When you have a story, focus on working with good people, get to know your target group and start to develop a game that gives your users an experience. 

Get your stories out there and make sure it is hard to copy your work

Anu Bhardwaj and Jane Walerud, two great angel investors, gave the audience tips how to get investments to your startup. 

Anu pointed out that you need to get your stories out there and the weight of building strong relationships. Jane said that investors bond with each other by talking about you. Make sure to meet one investor at the time, because if you meet many at once one of them will find the hole in your business plan that the others might not have seen and tell the others. So just as important as it is to have diversity in your team it is to have diversity among your investors. 

The most important advice I think was to really think about the barriers to entry. Make sure your work is not easy to copy or someone with more money will copy and crush you just when your business starts to pay off. 

It is cool to build things with your own hands

I loved the developers on stage entusiasm about building software. I started feel that I'm really missing to code and that it was so many years ago since I was creating programs and I want to have that skill back.  

Changes are like popcorn 

Eva Fors, former top manager at Microsoft, was in the panel for driving transformation through tech, and she had a Popcorn metaphor illustrating that change takes time. 20% of popcorns start popping immediately, 60% need more heat and 20% don't pop at all. I loved Eva, she was so confident, clear and smart! 

During the same panel Hélène Barnekow talked about transformation in a large company as Telia and said that 95% of their time is running their business as usual and 5% is about innovation. When she said that, I just felt so reliefed that I am not working to run business as usual but work with Poptype and can challenge myself and how things are done everyday. 

Fix your problems - start your own company

Most impressed I feel by the young women I heard and met that started their own business to solve a problem they had. Acting like starting a company was as easy as it is to brush your teeth. Malin Arvidsson, who won the WIT Student of Vision award last year, took over the stage with a relaxed attitude and talked about attaching bluetooth on her hairbrush so she could track where it was with her phone and her new company, Wheelearn.   


Great afternoon with great women! Thank you everyone that was part of arranging the conference.

Written by Hanna, @hannchen, co-Product owner Poptype

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