About the Poptype team

In a room where you can find a red piano and candles, the Poptype team works to do an awesome tool for storytelling. We constantly try to do things better and faster. We work with fast feedback loops and problem solving, rather than just adding features.

We don't always have so handsome clothes (André, Jocke, Alex, David, Hanna, Woll and Joel)

Alex and Hanna are the product owners that constantly discuss what needs and problems our target group have, how to solve them and in which order. As product owners they are very different but complement each other.  Alex, who is from San Fransisco, likes to look into the future and think about all the cool things we will do and Hanna, from the small town of Järvsö, wants things to be shipped and tested. But on their spare time both of them like to be out trekking. 

Jocke is our team leader and with a calm sprung from Norrland, he makes all team members feel seen and heard. He is also an great frontend developer with a great knowledge of the latest web technologies. If you like dance music, Jocke shares funky playlists. 

Our superstar designer Joel, a former Hyper island student, makes sure our interface feels light, clean and easy to understand. He likes to post his designs on Dribble and when his girlfriend is not at home he eats cinnamon buns for dinner. He plays and collects guitars, he has one guitar for each room in his home.

David is our backend guru. He is a Ruby expert but also holds meditation courses for us. Usually he sits quiet when the discussions start and then comes with an argument that kills the rest. 

André grew up with a keyboard in his hands. He has a natural talent for development and surprises us all with his coding.  He lives with his flatmates in a cool, old house in Bromma. 

Woll (Alexander) holds our retros and makes sure our working place is fun. He makes fabulous smoothies and got us a pinball machine. Before working with Poptype, he was the support team's dev hero. 

Andreas has long experience in web development and participates in all discussions with great entuasiasm and knowledge. He also takes amazing photos. 

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