5 tips for writing titles

The title is what will sell your stories. They are crucial to get your readers interested and also for search engines. Today social media sites are the major drivers of most of the web’s traffic. People scan their social feeds quickly to find something interesting to read. Here are five tips when writing titles. 

1.Write about an engaging topic

Attract your audience with topics they are interested in. Understand what keywords your audience already search for and which hashtags that are trending on your social networks.

2. Most important words first 

According to research people read in average the first 16 characters of each line so make sure the keywords are in the beginning. 

3. Keep it short

Title tags should be a maximum of 70 characters long, including spaces. Google typically displays the first 50-60 characters of a title tag, Facebook will truncate it to 88.

4. Titles should be click baits but keep the promise 

The title set the expectations for the reader and if you don't live up to what you promised, the readers will most likely not click to read any more stories from you. Try to be very specific about what the story will be about. 

5. Mention numbers

Numbers are easy for people to scan and articles with numbers tend to be shared more than without. 

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